$50 Exercise Earphones

Hi guys I am in search for a pair of exercise earphones for less than $50. I will be only using them at the gym. So, I want them to be bass heavy, overall sound quality doesn't have to be that good. Oh, and I also need a mic/play-pause button and a behind the ear hook/hanger for secure fit.

So far I came across these two sets- Phillips ActionFit SHQ3005/28 http://www.amazon.com/Philips-ActionFit-SHQ3005-28-Headphone...
Skullcandy Chops http://www.amazon.com/Skullcandy-Chops--Ear-Black-Color/dp/B... within my budget but the reviews say they don't have very good bass.
Its very to hard to find reviews for $50 sport headphones. Do you have recommendation? Thanks


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    Sony balanced armature XBAS65b for $59 (good sound quality, water resist, but no inline controls)

    Or Meelec SportFi M6p (Strong bass, average sound quality, inline controls)


    Id go with the m6 dude but I wouldn't recommend you buy the one with the mic. That was the downfall to these headphones as once the cable has been worn a bit the mic starts to stop and start music and even randomly puts the volume up which could damage ears.


    Koss Portapros.

    They dont fit any of your 'additional' requirements, however they hug the head well, cause no ear pain, are musically balanced, cheap, and are by far the best headphones Ive ever used that weren't full can.

    Ive never had them fall off or be annoying because they're so light. Maybe if you're someone who does agressive situps? but otherwise 100% amazing. I jog and sprint with mine and they dont move. love love love.


      They don't stand up very well to excessive sweating though — the pads will absorb moisture, become smelly and start breaking down. GOod quality sound, but not a substitute for sporting earphones.


    Sorry to bump old thread.

    Does any one have any more suggestions? I want something for same purpose - at the gym and also walking to train station in the morning (in ear earphones also tend to not hold in).

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