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Boost mobile also have the full telstra network, not the mvno. Unless its changed super recently, this has always been the case.
25/04/2018 - 10:59
Still not colour E-Ink? You bought Pebble, and you still can't give us 7 days? Or even one that's sub $150? GET ON WITH IT FITBIT!
24/04/2018 - 09:47
(profanity) we're a clever race. I wonder who even thought to try that? Someone buy them a beer.
24/04/2018 - 09:43
"PM 2.5 Filtering with a silicone air filter and an **activated carbon filter** to purify the air." This means that you'll likely only get...
24/04/2018 - 09:41
I would have thought that would have called for a 5w30? Thats still fairly low k in honda world. Penrite hpr5 is a 5w-40 which wouldnt go...
18/04/2018 - 18:47
[@rokkz](/comment/5854086/redir): Your link makes one fatal error. It takes both cold AND hot up a viscoscity. Realistically ANY oil is...
18/04/2018 - 18:40
[@Colenso](/comment/5852435/redir): no problem at all. Glad to be of help :)
16/04/2018 - 22:15
[@rokkz](/comment/5850388/redir): Going up a single viscosity on engines over 200'000kms is still common practice, and actually makes...
16/04/2018 - 16:25
Magnatec is to be avoided. I've never once seen a good Usel Oil Analysis from them, and if you ever need work done, whatever additive the...
16/04/2018 - 16:17
Group 3. (it might have some 4? I'll try find a VOA) However it's a very good group 3 (Moly is your friend). If you want true group 4\5...
16/04/2018 - 09:48
Yep. So no matter what, still cheaper. Also phone trends are a thing i follow a lot. The chances of something better than 10 for 22 coming...
15/04/2018 - 09:48
[@bargainparker](/comment/5842354/redir): thats ok, you're still learning. When it comes to gaining public dominance, it sure is a perfect...
13/04/2018 - 18:36
[@bargainparker](/comment/5840644/redir): no, your're right. Effortlessly solving crimes or finding lost loved ones wouldn't be in their...
13/04/2018 - 11:44
[@bargainparker](/comment/5836612/redir): why do i think that? What makes you say that? If "someone" wants "me" of course they will find...
12/04/2018 - 21:40
Precicely. Why does he ask what is defined as spyware? Maybe he cant google the meaning. Anything that data mines without permission is...
11/04/2018 - 23:57
How does my living location affect software data routing?
11/04/2018 - 23:53
Never used facebook. And i use aosp not google android. Also, all my devices run through a custom built gateway i run from home (OpenVPN...
11/04/2018 - 23:52
Are these based on anything? As in, is there a for sure non spyware rom for them?
11/04/2018 - 18:41
How so? All mechanical keyboards are clicky thanks to keys bottoming out. The 'ridge' is important, hence why I like Brown. And blues are...
11/04/2018 - 10:08
WWWHHHHYYYYYY do all the cheap Mechs do BLUE switches. BROWN!
11/04/2018 - 09:57
[@kahn](/comment/5830792/redir): DodoJuice is an interesting product line to use. Tried them once. VERY good, mainly in ease of...
11/04/2018 - 09:45
Thats so strange. I actually find it SMOOTHER than regular Vegemite, not bitter. Different taste buds on different people :)
10/04/2018 - 14:46
I love Marmite. Kiwi parents.
10/04/2018 - 14:44
[@gimme](/comment/5830374/redir): haha, just a car nerd. I meet up with mates weekly at a servo with a self serve wash and give it a wax. I...
10/04/2018 - 14:35
This stuff is GOOD. You know when you have that older jar of Vegemite that's gone a little harder, and has a more..... aged taste to it?...
10/04/2018 - 14:06
That depends how often you wax. I wax weekly, because I enjoy the car care, not because I think its neccicary. As such, I like the Meguiars...
10/04/2018 - 12:32
Autobarn has $8 claybars, also blue. And in 2 grit levels. Also, protip: Don't use the included lubricating spray. It's actually a decent...
10/04/2018 - 12:01
To my knowledge it used to be, but is no more. However it still makes donations and supports disability services. If they're back to being...
04/04/2018 - 22:10
They have a live chat service who tell you happily. I know what goes in mine, but i blend.
01/04/2018 - 18:56