Where can I find large bread that cafe uses for their Sanga's?


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    What the hell is a sanga?

    • A sandwich apparently

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        What do you mean apparently? I though this was OZbargain.

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      It's Aussie slang for a sandwich. (i.e. Sausage sanga)

      If you're asking about the thickness, then get Baker's Delight to thick cut your bread (they can do it to your specifications on the spot). I'd imagine a lot of others would have that service too.

      • Not thickness but size as in dimensions

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      Sanga is a term we used to use in Australia before it became all screwed up.

  • Is it large or thick bread? They probably just get it from a bakery, then cut it wide

    • Surely that is Swiss Cheese Bread ;)

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    Need some sangas for your bangers mate?

  • Guys you know the real nice bread you get when at Cafe's. Its so much nicer to the white crap you get at the Supermarket…
    Anyone know where I can find that?

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      Ever thought of asking them…

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        I did today. He asked me in turn. Who are you? What do you do?
        Like I was spying on the business… I said I just want them for Sangas at home…

        Didnt tell me in the end…

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          Made me lol, freak him out even more and stalk the early mornings to see the delivery truck for bread.

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          Ahahaha… Nah mate - He would probably bring out the Machete…

    • Well, I work at a cafe. Some customers do buy bread from my cafe, so maybe you should try asking the manager if you can buy some.

    • The bread you so desire is called 'Vienna Bread', and is typically served at inner-city sandwich places.

      Here's a pic

      You can find it at most mid-sized Asian bakeries- the artisan bread movement seems to ignore regular yeasted mass-produced stuff like this so you generally won't find it at your local Bourke St depot.

      • OMG

        Nice can opener on your desk

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    You could try purchasing a sourdough loaf (even woolies have them and sourdough cos it seems gourmet/cafe-quality) and slicing it to your desired thickness. Make sure its a serrated knife because with a normal straight edge you're likely to squish the bread.

    • Flinders sourdough. Its pre-sliced, but amazing.

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    Lawson's bread pretty good IMO

  • I know a few good places to get sourdough. I was after white bread. I will check the lawsons out.


    • every so often i walk past a cafe that has a bread truck delivery. If i see it again i'll write the company name down

      • Thanks Davo!

  • Best bread hands down in Sydney comes from Bourke St Bakery. A lot of the better cafes use it, only thing it's a bit expensive.

    • sorry, i realise this isn't quite the question posted. Large slices can be from pretty much any bread, not just sour dough. Just hit up your local bakery and buy a larger (unsliced) loaf of good quality fresh bread. Slicing diagonally increases the size but you'll get fewer slices from the loaf. if you can't get to a bakery, places like woolies sell sour dough that is a decent size and pretty reasonably priced. hope i've helped.

      • I went to bakers delight and the biggest they have is 680gm which is not big. My local woollies sells 800gm which is the biggest so far…

        Not after Sourdough. white bread me want…

        In fact, if anyone is after sourdough bread go to kitchen by mike n Rosebery where you can buy wood fire Sourdough loaf for $12. I know it's expensive but it weighs about 2kgs and is the best I have eaten.

        Burke st does not come close to it…

        • how much bread is that, for 12$? I know you said 'about 2kgs' but…12$ for bread? hm.

  • From the picture given above and abit of googling around, and a request that you would like white bread instead of traditionally made sangak which use whole wheat , it looks fairly similar to turkish bread.
    If it is, turkish bread can be had for quite reasonable price from most kebab shops, where i located (WA) $3 buys me an arm length Turkish Bread which tastes quite nice for dipping ,etc.

  • Does this cafe do pizzas by any chance? I only ask because a lot (ok, some) cafes that have a pizza oven will simply bake their own bread… whole lot cheaper for them… tasty too…

  • If you're in Melb - how about 5 loaves and some sweet things delivered to the door each week for $8.75 a week or less?…
    I think ill have to give some bread to Lentils or a shelter as ive got so much each week. :P
    The bakery arm of this place has loads of 1.3kg breads and big ones. This is the company doing it and they also sell a lot more than bread… fruit n veg, nuts, baking supplies, hampers, deli goods….

    If you order a bread subscription like i did (I went the $35 for a month) you can have anything else delivered from their stores for no extra delivery cost. I went for a kg of fetta for $5 this week. :)

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      I am in Sydney :( The Bum hole compared to Melbourne in Food and Coffee.
      But we got the weather mate :)

      • I love going to Melbourne, but the last 5 years we've got them beat on food and coffee.

        In regards to coffee I think they've just gotten lazy, complacent..

  • Cols, some, not all sell Turkish bread, cut it into 3, and its looks exactly like the what you get at cafes.
    4.50each i think. It looks like they only deliver once per week on the Sunday or Monday

  • mini success but still only 680 gms…

  • Is this what your after?

    900g one inch slice loaf, either unsectioned or sectioned.

    • Not sure I would classify focaccia as white bread.

  • think what your after is called texas toast.massive pieces of bread.coles used to sell them. awesome for garlic bread.nommies

    • Where can I get this Mickey?

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    Have you tried… a bakery? Not a coles/woolies in store "bakery", but an actual, quality bakery?

    • By bakery, you mean which one?

      I have been to bakers delight -680gm max.
      Sonoma - Sourdough only
      Bourke - same

      • Try independent bakeries, the small Asian corner bakery, etc

        • Tried 2 Vietnamese ones. No luck

  • think it was made by a bakery called good stuff.owned by tip top now.

    • Only available in Woolworths stores Friday to Sunday, and selected Independent stores.

      Many Thanks Mickey. I will starts the search in and around 2217 tomorrow .. No, next Friday :(

  • You could buy a bread machine. Store bought bread tastes terrible to me now. (The size is large at about 150% of a normal slice - and you cut the thickness you want.)

    • I got a murphy richards bread machine - Ultimate Crappola I must say….
      I know its a shite brand but the experience has left a bad taste.

      Also space is a major issue. Bought so much stuff from deals direct for kitchen including the mixer etc that the Mrs is going to flip it when she see the parcel :(

      Must not look for a bread maker.

      • We had a Breville that was pathetic. We tried everything to get bread to work in it with zero success.

        Then we got a Panasonic. The first loaf turned out perfect. Then we bought another 2nd hand Panasonic to make two loaves at once. It was also brilliant. (Pity the same can't be said about our $1000 Panasonic microwave.)

        • What model do you have mate?
          Also, how many gms are you able to pull out at once?

        • They are old models (no longer available). SD-BT10P & SD-251. The first one has finally died after years of use.

  • If you are after extra thick sliced white bread, there is Tiptop "Texas Toast" from Woolies. I measured a slice and it's 20mm thick.

    • I think that would classify as the crap bread that supermarkets stock, I think OP wants really good quality bread or something, it's kinda vague though.

      You could always go to the cafe and ask what kind of bread it is. Maybe they bake their own (I have seen some do this).

      You could always try and bake your own, too! It doesn't take a whole lot of effort or resources, just an oven, a pot and some ingredients. The true ozbargain way.

  • I think you mean Schwobs bread. Bigger Coles and Woolies sell it with the non-bakery bread, at least in Melbourne. It's expensive and watch the use by as I'm not sure it comes in everyday.

  • Thanks all for your valuable input.
    I will start off by checking out the Tip Top bread and take it from there…

    • Don't go Tip Top - it's full of preservatives. In fact, most supermarket bread is. You're only going to get quality bread from a real bakery.

      • We used to get bread from Bakers Delight (free). Even that was pretty ordinary compared to a bread machine. We didn't get it until the end of the day though, so that could be at least part of the reason.

  • Some of the best bread in Sydney:

    There's one in alexandria, surry hills and marrickville.

    • I know a much better place for Sourdough if you are around Alexandria/Mascot area - It will cost you but def worth it

      • Cool story bro.

        Mind sharing it or is it a big secret?

        • Sure Bru.
          The place is called Kitchen by Mike on Dunning Ave in Rosebery.
          You get Wood fire Bread for $12 a pop. It weighs about 2kgs and IMO is worth every penny.

          The food there is awesome but very expensive.

          Mike is the ex head chef of Rockpool.

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