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30% off Selected Games @GMG Incl. FFVII USD $8.40


The following voucher is available on selected games until 1500 UTC July 19th. Simply apply in checkout and enjoy the discount:


Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition USD $21.00
Civ V: Brave New World USD $21.00
Guncraft USD $10.50
Night at the Grindhouse USD $10.50
Company of Heroes 2 USD $42.00
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara USD $10.50
BioShock Infinite Season Pass USD $21.00
Endless Space Gold Edition USD $24.50
Pro Cycling Manager 2013 USD $28.00
Leviathan Warships USD $7.00
Knights of Pen and Paper USD $7.00
The Asskickers USD $4.20
Sanctum 2 USD $10.50
Remember Me USD $35.00
Wargame: Airland Battle USD $31.00
Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages USD $7.00

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  • +3

    FF7 FTW !!!!

    • +4

      Still waiting for a remake… lol

      • +4

        Same here. I still watch that PS3 tech demo every now and again

        • I only found out about that tech demo a few weeks ago, and it just made the re-release of the low-res PC version hurt that much more.

          Honestly I feel like peoples nostalgia is overcoming the reality of how eye-bleedingly bad FFVII looked, since it was essentially squares first attempt at 3d FF.

          The 2d FFs have held up better to time than FFVII. And the jump in graphics from VII -> VIII -> IX is insane.

          Hopefully you can still mod the steam version like you could the original pc version.

        • The tech demo was used in FFVII Crisis Core on PSP, it's worth playing.

        • Well you know the lego series… Lego Batman, Lego Pirates of the Carrib, Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones etc… I reckon they could make a Lego Final Fantasy and just reuse the character models verbatim.

          The 2d FFs have held up better to time than FFVII.

          I don't agree. Yeah the lego looking character models look like crap, as did the CG, but the 2D backgrounds look better than anything on the SNES or NES. These were rendered backdrops. Everything on the SNES was tiled. One bookshelf looked like every other bookshelf and was seen from the same perspective. There couldn't be different camera angles with every screen. FF7's backdrops still look great. Yes they're low res, but so were the SNES games.

          Also, it's only the lego super deformed models that look horrible. The in battle models don't look that bad, and you can't say them mini sprites on SNES looked better than the in battle graphics. The spell particle effects and animations were much better than SNES. I found the summons breathtaking at the time. On the SNES you had no animation at all except one swing of the sword which was a single frame, and them walking up to the target.

          You are right that FF8's graphics were a big leap up from 7 though. In particular the character models and CG. 9 was not so big a leap over 8.

        • The tech demo was used in FFVII Crisis Core on PSP, it's worth playing.

          That tech demo was a bit more advanced than the PSP game…

  • That game still costs this much?!

    • You should see the price of the discs. It probably the most pressed ps1 game too having been released on platinum many times over.

      • 3rd best selling PSone game of all time.

  • +1

    This is a good buy, there are some graphical mods for it that would be better than any re-release sqaureenix make themselves. I can't browse for the links at work, but the whole project is at least 10gb from memory. It's not too complex, the tools are easy to use just downloading all the files is a hassle. I would think these mods work for the steam version, but ill find out later

    • +2

      Do they work for the steam version though?

      I had a feeling there was some mods that refused to work/interfered with steam.

      Edit: Did some searching and indeed you can mod the steam version however as I stated it seems to 'break' several things (including achievements) as you have to launch the game thru a different .exe to allow the mods to work.

      This would mean either a hella-heap of work adding switch options to a steam shortcut somehow (no tutorials on this but can probably be done) or just living with no steam achievements…in which case you can get the standard pc version for much cheaper than $8-9.

      Mod info: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=13212.0

  • thanks for sussing that out for others to see!

  • Civ V: Brave New World for $21 is pretty good, given the Australian Steam price is $50.

  • +1

    Bioshock Infinite! Yay! … wait… Season Pass? Boo!

    Damn this current trend of upselling with DLCs and in game purchases. I have to wait at least a couple of years for a complete pack to come out before I can be bothered buying them.

    Still, good deal.

  • I say this every time an FF7 deal gets posted. It's one of the best games of all time. Certainly in my top 5. But if you haven't played it by now, you aren't going to like it. It will be like playing something very old and outdated which has been improved upon by other games that you have played and you will view it unfavorably.

    I can go back and play it and not have my experience tarnished by the effects of time, simply because I played it back then and that original experience will still be there. But I can't say the same will happen for you. So I can't recommend it.

    I missed out on Zelda OOT at the time, and bought it for the GC 5 years later. I just couldn't play it. So when the 3DS version had an enhanced remake, I bought it again. Still couldn't play it.

    • Ya this is probably true.

      Many games just 'belong' in certain times. I missed the whole Parasite Eve series up until 3rd Birthday and thought I should play the old ones for plot/timeline…couldn't do it.

      Also I find some games confusing now, either because I look at things differently now as an adult or they never made sense at the time anyway (Zelda games often suffer from this). There was an old PSX RPG called Alundra that I tried playing a few months ago. Jesus that game makes no sense at all, why would I leave the village when its on fire, why am I not helping people?!

      • I actually thought PE1 held up pretty well. It's backgrounds are prerendered like the PS1 FFs. The models are not too bad. CG still looks decent.

        What stopped you?

        Try playing it on a PSP. If you're playing it on your giant LCD HDTV it's going to look like crap blown up to full screen. The PSP's screen is perfect for it.

  • Not exactly the best limited list of games to use the 30% off on

  • You have the expiry date incorrect.
    Blog post states "This voucher is valid until 1500 UTC July 22nd 2013"
    Which is 01:00 AEST July 23rd 2013.


    • Changed. Cheers.

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