New Features: Front Page Deal Subscription + Deal Listing Customisation

We've just released a few new features today that may be of use to some users.

Front Page Deal Subscription

Users can get notificated by email as deals hit the number of default front page votes (currently 20).
To subscribe, go to 'My Account' -> 'Subscriptions' and click on 'events' submenu tab, then check the checkbox for 'Notify me by email when… A deal reaches the front page' and save.

Filter Front Page and New Deal Listing by Category

Users can opt to only show deals for certain categories for front page and new deals pages.
To customise your deal listing, go to 'My Account' -> 'Settings' -> 'deals' submenu tab, choose the categories you want and save.

Private Messaging for Store Reps

We've also automatically turned on private messaging for representatives as soon as they post a deal with 'I am a Store Representative' checkbox. They are not allowed to disable private messaging if they have posted a rep deal within the last 180 days.

As usual, please report any problems, thanks!


  • Thanks to this I just got Game Of Thrones for under $10 on Blu ray. Best feature ever!

    • Awesome!

  • How about filtering by state? That could be handy.

    • That's one of the other things we are working on.

  • The front page deal subscription is cool, but won't 20 votes just fill my inbox with emails?

    A 50 vote option would be great, or even a option that emails if the votes are more then a certain amount per minute.

    Basically so I quickly find the freebies etc.

    • I guess the thinking is that this is a mechanism to be informed of front page deals quickly. I'm not sure if it strictly 20 votes or when it makes front page. Some deals make it to the front page if deals receive a short amount of votes in a short amount of time (predictive front page).

      For 50 votes, deals will be posted to Twitter: OzBargain Hot, Facebook and Google+.

      • so the front page minimum votes setting (my account -> settings -> deals) doesn't apply to this subscription?

        • No. Currently it is using the default threshold (20 votes) rather than calculating based on each individual person's own preference.

          This new feature was intended to resolve issues our newsletter subscribers have been complaining about, that they often receive the newsletter one day later having all the good deals expired. We now allow our users to subscribe to front page events so they will receive an email notification whenever a deal hits the front page.

          For hard core OzBargainers who refreshes our front page every 5 minutes it's probably not as useful.

        • For hard core OzBargainers who refreshes our front page every 5 minutes it's probably not as useful.

          aka addict :)

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