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Totally Irreverent Closing Down Sale $10 T-Shirts


They are closing down with $10 tees (store wide I think). Free shipping. Bought from these guys before, good quality stuff.

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Totally Irreverent
Totally Irreverent

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  • +4

    will miss them..

  • Wish they had an Ozbargain category for Tshirts

  • +1

    aww bought kingdom hearts mickey shirt
    it was good quality =]

  • Free shipping?

  • Some really nice shirts. Yes, free shipping - just bought six, might go back for more, seems some of them get 'reserved' in stock then cleared out every now and again.

    EDIT: There's a Batman costume hahaha…

      • Wife into cosplay? :)

        • +9

          Not really, but always wanted to go out with wonder woman ;)

        • Haven't we all, haven't we all :D

        • Just rest it ontop of her when shes asleep. win/win

    • +1

      Wonder which strip club wonder women is working at?

  • Cheers, got 2 shirts.

  • Wish they had the other DW shirts…was just about to post this too. great avenue for shirts.

  • Just ordered 6 shirts :D

  • Great store, bought 5 shirts last sale, just bought 3 more.
    Shame they are closing down.

  • i just bought 10… I dont need them but previous quality from TI has been so good, I could not pass on this bargain

  • As said above. Real shame they are closing down. But hey $10 dollar tees. Bought three, cheers TI & idonteven.

  • ordered 7 from them, good quality shirts

  • nothing I really want this time around but having purchased from them before I can vouch for the quality of their products.

  • Grabbed 3. They make good pressies.

  • 3 tees bought cheers

  • +1

    Any tips for the size guys? I usually wear Small.

    • i would like to know too, from their chart they seem to size big (their m is 100cm chest which for most other brands would be an l).

      • I think it's opposite, a Threadless XL is a XXXL here.

    • +2

      measure the armpit to armpit measurement of one of your existing shirts. match to size guide.

      • Pick your fave shirt to measure. :)

    • Their tees run small, I'd go one to two size up.

  • Thanks, probably got too many :S but really needed some new t-shirts

  • Just bought 10, some for me and some as gifts. Great quality, sad to see them closing :(

  • -1

    So it looks like Totally Irreverent, has become Totally 'Irrelevant'. :)

    • +14

      dont quit your day job :)

  • damn most of the medium ones I wanted are out

  • Thanks just bought $70 worth :)

    • So you bought 10 shirts?

      • No 7 x $10

        • +1

          I know.. :/

  • +2

    Manchild t-shirts!

  • great quality - bought before.
    thanks op, just picked up a few more!

  • The tees are unisex?

    • +2

      Most of them are, I guess you've got to account for "chest size", but look at the pictures of women (maybe just one woman?) wearing them.

  • These guys were/are great. Never had a problem with my orders, they even called me to fix up my postcode (I accidentally put a 6 instead of a 9).

    Ordered about 15-20 shirts from them now. All great "official" merchandise. Sad to see them go.

  • got some shirts last sale and they are really great quality. I had to go one size bigger than normal

  • I want to delete one item in my cart.. Couldnt find how

    • +1

      If you go to cart (top right hand corner) and press the "delete" button.

      I just had a look and it seems to work fine under firefox. You can't get away with setting the quantity to 0 either.

      • I feel like a total idiot. I don't see a delete button. Am using Chrome.

        Edit: I tried it in Firefox, I see the delete button now.

      • +2

        strange.. I am using firefox.. and I cant see any delete button whatsoever.. Putting "0" also did not do the trick as the number reverted back to 1. O well, I just logged in as a guest. Doesnt really matter if they are actually closing down anyway

        • http://imgur.com/SCRmQIS << it should look like that. It totally has a delete button on mine in chrome.

        • yeap.. mine doesnt show the delete ones.. even after I clicked the area where it should be located.. May be just a glitch on my part. Thanks :)

        • +1

          I had the same problem. I ended up opening up internet explorer (after i evetually remebered it's existence).

  • Awesome got a few adventure time ones, thanks op

  • +1

    love it.

    Today's purchases from ozbargain:

    4 x star wars t-shirts
    2 x game of thrones box sets (fingers crossed)

  • Thanks for the heads up, hope shipping isn't a month as per the FAQ!

  • +3

    Not many great mediums in stock.

    • I apologise for being a medium.

    • -1

      the internet (ozbargain) is a great medium for bargains

  • Just bought 4. Not sure how much they were before the closing down sale but I would have been happy to pay a little more. A few prints brought a smile to the face but I wouldn't be brave enough to wear them. Long live the Muppets!

    • They were $20 before (with free shipping).

  • I usually wear medium. I hope XS fits haha

  • These guys sell high-quality Tshirts, though sizing is variable.

    Sorry to see them go.

  • My order went thru paypal and at the last page it asked if I would recommend it to others, I clicked submit and got a Transaction Failed message. But I still recieved a email with the other number and paypal is showing the transaction so hope all goes well.

    btw, I am using firefox and I could not see the delete from card option as well!

  • bah all the good ones have no sizes

  • +4

    Surfed through their whole collection and the only shirt i really want is sold out…

    Comic book guy!!! Worst… t-shirt… ever!

    • I wanted that too

  • Bought 3

  • -1


  • I wonder if after this sale they'll no longer be closing down. They must have sold thousands from this deal alone.

    • probably a little too late

      • +1

        I always noticed "closing down sale" stickers all over the wall of some shops at DFO but yeah they're still there till today,

        this could be it

        • +1

          and those never-ending rugs-a-million closing down sales lol

          i hope they're not closing down cos i want that damn "worst t shirt ever" shirt!

  • Are these authentic shirts or just the cheapy ones?

    • Everything is licensed.

  • Amazing price & quality ! Excellent post OP, Thanks !

  • Did anyone get a confirmation email? I got the Paypal one but nothing else after.

    • I got a confirmation email same time as the paypal one

    • Yep.
      Made two orders, from different accounts.
      Two emails for each: one from TI, one from Paypal.

      Their site is a little flakey - had trouble changing my profile (delivery address).

  • Great deal! I bought some Adventure Time tees XD

  • I bought the be cool, stay in school TMNT shirt. It's a pity they didn't have it in Medium though, I had to buy large.

    • i like the original art but the cheesy line kill it for me :(

      would have like just plain 'teenage mutant ninja turtles'

      • Too much cheese on your pizza huh?

  • Boo no turtle shirts left in my size

  • I love their quality and their brands. Sad to see them close down :(

  • I didn't get any confirmation email other than the PayPal.. Should I be worried it didn't go throug?

    • Same, went through as Guest (didn't create account) via Paypal express checkout, got Paypal receipt but no confirmation email from TI. :/

  • +7

    Why have i never seen this site before???

  • +3

    Got some Star Trek tees for myself & I'm a bit disturbed at just how excited I am about having Captain Picard's head emblazoned upon my chest…

  • +1

    HHmmm… I just checked my order history with these guys and have spent a total of $179 worth of shirts
    including the last $10 sale they had. If they are closing down I'm sad to see them go, the shirts are very nice.

  • +1

    Thanks idonteven. I ended up getting 10. It was great timing as I really needed some new t shirts :)

  • I swear this is the best tshirt there has ever been (already had it).

    Pity only midgets get it this last time…

    • You're just jealous you can't fit into a xxs

      • +1

        No i'm not - check out my rack.

  • Finally got to buy a "Regular Show" T! Yay!

  • +2

    There's not enough designs that can be worn ironically. Where are the 'Saved By The Bell' t-shirts?

  • Feeling lucky most of the hundred Tees I like do not have my size, or I'm having a hard time giving up on one of them :) Got 6. Thanks OP

  • We have bought from them lots of times.

    A shame they are going, fantastic service and great shirts, although as has been said, order one size bigger than normal.

    Bought another $70 worth……

    • Are they that small you hard to order one size up?
      I ordered my normal size…

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