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Should have taken high school economics mate.
04/08/2020 - 19:16
That price isn't landed, it's pre shipping. Cheapest shipping on a single unit is $39.36 USD. $62 USD in total.
03/08/2020 - 18:45
I can but I don't want to put you off your lunch..
30/07/2020 - 11:46
Nah, I have absolutely zero brand loyalty. I'd use knockoffs in a heartbeat if I thought they were of equivalent quality.
30/07/2020 - 11:46
Yep, absolutely, if they have wear from something other than tooth-tooth contact, I'll talk with them to find the cause and see if we can...
30/07/2020 - 09:00
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29/07/2020 - 20:40
Im a dentist and also incredibly cheap, but my reccomendation would be don't buy the knockoffs, they generally have stiffer bristles and...
29/07/2020 - 16:56
Agree, I'm a lactard, I find lactose free milk to be very sweet and the only non dairy 'milk' I can handle in coffee is straight soy milk...
23/07/2020 - 08:43
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22/07/2020 - 07:49
Only in the US, not in Australia.
21/07/2020 - 20:20
I bought in the first sale, took forever to arrive but I did eventually get a pair, in my size, albeit a different colour. But hey, they're...
15/07/2020 - 14:10
Don't forget to use Amex for shop small cashback.
15/07/2020 - 07:17
05/07/2020 - 21:13
There is nu fizeekin way I would ever wear these clothes.
04/07/2020 - 14:17
I've got a non timer version of the Kmart one, it honestly works too well at times, I regularly have to turn it off.
26/06/2020 - 21:42
I used to be issued the Magnum Force side zip at work, I never had a pair that the soles didn't delaminate on after about 3-4 months. The...
26/06/2020 - 20:56
Someone is working hard to be the new broden, won't work though, your username doesnt lend itself to becoming a verb. I mw13'd it doesn't...
24/06/2020 - 08:52
My sister had the EXACT same issue with a baccarat knife set recently. Took well over a month to post despite their being tracking. I...
24/06/2020 - 08:36
There was a post yesterday about them being up on gumtree already, lol.
15/06/2020 - 08:20
Don't know why you're being downvoted. What matters is how the steel will hold an edge, not what brand is stamped on it or how many chefs...
07/06/2020 - 13:12
The perfect birthday gift for uncle stumpy
02/06/2020 - 18:45
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02/06/2020 - 10:21
shtgnjns was awarded a badge.
02/06/2020 - 09:53
You can turn off insecurity mode in settings mate.
02/06/2020 - 09:00
For their item that you can get for half the price from about a dozen other places online.
30/05/2020 - 19:48
Yeah, the only issue I have is that it has a decalcification filter and sunbeam don't sell replacements. I can find similar shaped ones...
17/05/2020 - 13:39
I've got this machine. I got it from Myer on a bit cheaper of a special, but it's great even at this price. I set it up the night before...
17/05/2020 - 07:37