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EastBay 20% off NO MINIMUM Purchase with Coupon Code


Hi all, Eastbay are at it again with another 20% off, this time no minimum purchase required, so enough to cancel the delivery charges.

Expires: 7/30/2013 (11:59 pm CT)

Enjoy :)

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    $39.99 shipping charge to Perth, Western Australia. Bit steep!

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      Yeah, same price to Melbourne… makes it hard to justify a purchase.

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        You buy 2 or 3 pairs of shoes at once and it averages out a bit better. That's what I usually do anyway. Or split an order with someone else so you only pay half the shipping. :)

  • Similar to factory outlet prices with shipping. Kills it.

  • Would anyone happen to know shipping price for NSW, Sydney?

    • It seems $39.99 is the standard shipping for Australia. Tried for Sydney and is the same.

    • sydney is 39.99 too.. .. i got excited after seeing the prices but the shipping made me exit the site

    • same as above!

  • always the good stuff excluded from discount

    "The dollar value of this item will count toward meeting a required minimum purchase total necessary to receive a discount, but the price of this item itself will not be discounted. Only other eligible items in your cart will be discounted. (Example: You can purchase this product to reach the order threshold to receive a discount, but you will only receive the discount on other eligible items in your cart.)"

    • True

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    got a couple pairs of new balance for 150usd. Locally it would be around 240aud

  • Is shipping capped? Or $40 per pair of shoes?

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      Shipping and handling is 28% of the net order total or a minimum of $39.99.

  • I am interested in a pair of brooks or Asics but it says on the shoe that international shipping restrictions may apply. Is that for all shoes or just these two brands? Anyway to get around this?

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      start fitness ships brooks & asics to aus

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    anyone in south east melbourne wanna buy together and share the shipping cost with me?

    • I live in mel CBD , would like to share =D

    • I am interested!! living in south east melbourne

      • what are you guys going to buy? mine are clothes & socks. anyone in Whirlpool? it's easy to communicate on WP. my ID is Danh Le

        • I am new to WP , how do i send private message?
          my ID is wedgehead

  • Any of these shoes made in the USA still? Someone told me New Balance have some made in USA and UK but I can't find them at the shops.

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      I work at the Myer of Sporting goods, I have a pair of free new balance shoes that are Made in China.
      In store, I checked a shoe box for the same model i got for free from NB out of curiosity because the NB box in store had 'Committed to American workers', that one was made in America
      So the point I'm making is, it depends if it has 'committed to American workers', my example is two exact same model of shoes, one made in china, one made in America. So it is partly true, but definitely not all NB shoes are made in America

      • Hmm alright. I'll have to keep a eye out. Thanks.

        How can I get some shoes for free :O ?

        • How can I get some shoes for free :O ?

          dude! you're MacGyver…if you don't know, how are the rest of us supposed to know? :p

        • You work for a place that sells NB shoes and get lucky during their training sessions I guess.

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    I can share shipping with someone who is ordering and getting it delivered in sydney.

    • I'm in Sydney too. I'm still looking at what to get

    • Hello Atitshah87
      please count me in if you wish to share shipping

      msg me if you need anything

    • I am interested as well. Not sure what to get yet. Works in Sydney cbd.

    • Mate I'd be interested too. When are you shipping? PM details.

      • I'm keen on splitting with someone who is in the Inner West (I'm in Five Dock 2046). Solid buying/selling record on OCAU and eBay. PM me if you're interested.

        • i am happy to split with anyone in sydney on shipping for Eastbay, pm me with your mob.

  • got 2 pairs of Puma Future Cats for around the price of getting 1 pair off ebay or dstore.com.au

  • Anyone want to share shipping to Brisbane?

    • Yep keen, give me your details

  • With shipping charges including, this 20% off will only get you a $14.00 extra on shipping.

    What kind of sale is this bro??

    • +1

      Still good prices on quality shoes if you get 4+ pairs 20% will get u around free shipping.
      browse thru sale items like

  • +1

    Anyone from Canberra?

    • Yeah, but I'm not sure what shoes yet…

      • same with me…. north or southside?

        • North

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    Have they had 20% off gift cards recently at all?
    The last one I remember was in late 2011 I think

    Bought a $500 gift card discounted to $400 obviously..
    another 10% off dues to the high oz dollar and used the 28 degree card.. So $350 aud all up.

    Waited for a 20% off coupon to come up a few weeks later, then went nuts..

    • +2

      nice tactic

  • Found a pair of 2013 Nike Air Max I wanted to buy, after shipping and PayPals rip off currency conversion (including the -20%) it only costs $10 more in Aus.

    • i never use paypal's rates. barring any major currency slide, my credit card's rates are always better

  • What does 'Method: Not available until shipped.' mean? Ordered $400 worth of shoes on Sunday and hopefully I will get them this week.

  • wish they would offer other [cheaper] shipping options apart from UPS…won't get my order until monday because UPS won't deliver to PO boxes.

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