Which dashcam is better?

Which would you get around this price range, this


or this


p.s. not affliated with either sites. both models have generic Chinese knockoffs so hence links to pics with model. I am trying to buy a decent dashcam for my car but want one that won't cost the world.


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    http://www.dashcamtalk.com/ is a great resource, have you tried looking there?


    Yes, and these two cams have been rated highly, but no one's done an actual comparison and hence this thread.


    This website

    has a lot of reviews on car dashcams. Also try his Youtube channel.


    I've had several experiences with dash cams, and perhaps I've just had a bad run, but I've had several fail on me.

    The one I have currently is a Uniden that was a bargain here a while ago. (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/105832)

    There's some benefit to buying locally. I've found that the mounts for different cameras can make a huge difference in terms of how easily they mount in a specific vehicle. At least if you buy from JB or Harvey Norman, you've got the option of exchanging it for a different one, if you wanted to try a couple out.


    I bought a Contour Roam 2. Quality stuff. Comparable to GoPro. I wouldn't waste time with the generic Chinese stuff.


    I bought from an Aliexpress store recently. Paid $135 + $15 shipping. Item became faulty after 8 days. Had to send it back at my own expense (to China), which involved having to open up the camera and take out the lithium-ion battery (not allowed to send via air with Australia Post). That cost me $25. So I am now $175 down for a cam which was suppose to be ~$150. I don't even know if the seller will come good sending out a replacement product. I have already given feedback on Aliexpress, so I am no longer covered under their buyer protection.

    The only recourse I have (if the seller scams me) would be to do a Visa charge back via ING Direct, which can take around 70 days - and that's only if I'm eligible for one (as you need to initiate a charge back within 45-90 days after the transaction took place).

    If I had my time again, I would certainly buy local.


      I bought from aliexpress too… I got two K6000 for around $30 ea delivered.
      Not true cinematic quality but that is not what it is for. The recording quality is very adequate for the purpose.
      Had them for about 6 months now and no problems.


    I recommend the Korean ones. They're slimmer and more discreet and better quality than the Chinese made ones. I've been using Itronics ITB-100HD. Pay a bit more or otherwise get local. The Chinese ones are a bit hit or miss.

    One thing to consider - most dash cams are fixed lens meaning at certain distances it becomes blurry. You actually want to record and see the number plates vs just recording what happens.


    I bought one yesterday a BlackVue DR550GW-2CH, from local shop & with 12 mth warranty. Though it is not cheap but it is one of the best on the market.

    Similar review but for single channel (front cam only).

    Bought it from Camzilla (Lindfield, NSW) 16GB for $469 (cheaper on ebay tho):

    Manuf's site (DR550 is not shown on their English site)

    And why you need a Dashcam (sexy Korean girl is included) :p

    - Sony Exmor CMOS sensor 2.4 mp (front only, 1080p), generic CMOS at rear 1 mp (720p)
    - WiFi enable for live stream to smartphones (& maybe to PC?)
    - mp4 codec, audio recording can be switched off (via Proximity sensor?)
    - Built in GPS & G-sensor
    - Softwares are included by booting device on blank MicroSD card
    - Low profile
    - and yes it is Korean brand

    Gonna test more today. :)