Freebie samples once apon a time...

Remember 15-20 years ago when we had free samples comming in our mail occasionally, still remember when vo5, Pantene, blabla, small samples almost everything, now days there's almost nothing? Now all based on Web applications or its just me? Anyone still getting any sort of samples with out having to Facebook or applying for the limited free samples?


  • there is no more free freebie sample..

    you have to sell your data now to get a freebie.. hehe

  • Sometimes there'll be food product samples given out at train stations…can't think of ever getting anything in my letterbox that I didn't apply for.

  • I think I've had one or two free samples in the junk mail collection in the last couple of years but not many.

    A company keeps posting us free pens trying to get us to place a bulk order with them. I don't even know how they got our details.

    I seem to get free samples through kindergarten, playgroups and maternal health centers. The best ones were full size tubes of toothpaste.

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      Can you give us the website of this business? I want some free pens.

      • Can't remember the name sorry. It's been a while since our last free pen.

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    You can still get freebie samples at major train stations (Central) and shopping centres.

    Once upon a time Nestle cereal often had all kinds of interesting freebies packaged in cereal boxes. I remember as a kid I got a CD-ROM of Age of Empires that came in a box of cornflakes. Best freebie ever.

    • I got that same freebie! A lot of hours of entertainment from that one.

    • i think i've still got that Age of Empires Game!!

    • I just saw my copy yesterday :)

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    I remember when samples where actually good sized. Now you get like 1ml

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