All you can eat sushi restaurant - Sydney Surry hills oversold and not accepting bookings DAY 1!

Deal -

I bought it a few days ago and E-mailed them ASAP as they have sold 1350 and deal is valid for 90 days.

I thought i've learnt my lesson and book day 1 rather than last day of validity.

I get an email that was semi rude and not apologetic at all blaming scoopon (partially)

Basically they are overbooked till end of September and we are advised to not contact them by phone or email and they will contact us???!!

Funny cause my booking was for first weekend of October and it obviously seems they have sent a mass message to everyone.

Should I get a refund from scoopon? keep trying?

Anyone else having a problem?

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    heed the warning signs and seek a refund from scoopon

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    Name and shame them. If they cant honor these stupid coupons they shouldnt be selling them

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      If you clicked on the link above it shows who the vendor is.

      In theory it sounds like a good deal, but in reality, you have to order one thing at a time by getting the waiter's attention in a completely full restaurant while everyone else is trying to do the same, place your new order, wait for the waiter to finally go back to the kitchen with a thousand new orders, wait for the food to be prepared and then the waiter serves everyone else while you are the unlucky last person. All of this and you've only got 90 minutes there.

      All you can eat? Hardly.

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    Ozbargain philosophy: If a scoopon coupon can't be used in the valid period did it really exist in the first place?

  • In my experience, scoopon are usually good with this kind of thing. I reckon send them an email and they will refund your money. I bought dodge scube diving from scoopon last year and they refunded me the money.

    Alternatively, if that does not work, if you are interested we can do a featured article for you on our site publishing your story (more like today tonight style where we contact the restaurant and scoopon to get feedback as well). We are currently working on Melbourne based similar story from different daily deal site for a dodgy laser hair removal deal.

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    "Valid for a 90 minute sitting only. Each person can only order one dish at a time, and each dish must be finished before the next is ordered. Valid only for the menu items listed here: Not valid on Public Holiday"

    Restrictive much? Id never go to this place just because of this scoopon. They do their best to make deal deal as SHIT as possible. Why bother with them. They dont deserve to exist

  • Hey Vsia2165,

    Thanks for your post.

    Apologies for the confusion surrounding your booking for Uo Sushi.

    So that we can rectify this for you, I'd kindly ask that you submit a help request via our Help Centre by clicking on the following link:

    Once submitted, would it be possible for you to provide me with your help request ticket number so that I can look into this for you as a matter of urgency?


    Mitchell - Scooopon

  • Ticket 383224
    Restaurant replied with 1 lunch spot on a Monday next week but I work full time and asked for weekend October with no reply.
    Too hard basket

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    Received an email from Warwick
    Standard response .
    Resolution was to book early - I did or book at another date - I tried.
    Or give to a friend !? Don't see how that's any better since I'm booking this for my friends.
    It expired in November. I can only wonder the drama of booking this towards the end.

    • Hey Vsia2165,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Please know that my colleague in Customer Services processed a refund for your Scoopon voucher yesterday, 2/9/13.

      Please allow 2-3 business days for the funds to show in your account and if you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      Apologies for the inconvenience caused on this occasion!


      Mitchell - Scoopon

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        Same here - got the default response from Warrick, not happy.

        Restaurant told Warrick they have plenty of weekday bookings available, but the reality is I cannot secure a Tue 6pm booking on 1/10/2013, a month in advance??! Absolutely absurd.

        Ticket #384172

        • Hey Cyoshi,

          Thanks for your post!

          My colleague in Customer Services has been in contact with the Deal Provider this morning in regard to availability up to the expiry of the validity period.

          The Deal Provider has confirmed that they do have availability for 1st October and therefore all you need to do is email to make a booking.

          Apologies for the confusion caused!


          Mitchell - Scoopon

  • Just used the Scoopon voucher which stated it was "all you can eat". However, when I arrived, I was given a different menu with 4 categories and was told that I could only pick one dish from each category. The portions were minuscule and there was even a course where 2 people had to share one little plate of sashimi. I cannot believe that this restaurant can get away with treating customers like this. So disappointed and upset!!

    • You should get a full refund. They can't change thne deal like that.

      Go them on urbanspoon as well.

    • Hey Jiji888,

      Thanks for your post.

      We're really sorry to hear that you didn't receive everything that was advertised with your recent Scoopon purchase.

      Have you submitted a help request via our Help Centre? If so, please supply me with your help request ticket number and I'll investigate this for you right away.

      Alternatively, if you haven't submitted a help request, please do so by clicking on the following link:

      Once submitted, please supply me with your help request ticket number and I'll look into this for you as a matter of urgency.

      Apologies for the inconvenience and confusion caused!


      Mitchell - Scoopon

      • I received a response from Warwick this morning confirming the deal remains as an 'all you can eat'. So who do we trust? What happens if it I turn up and experience the same as jiji888? I was stung once in a similar situation previously where Scoopon refused to refund me because I have "accepted the new terms of the deal imposed by the deal provider by continuing with the experience". Does this suggest Scoopon recommends Scoopon users to walk away when the deal terms do not match what's advertised?

        I am anxious in using my Scoopons for this deal now. The deal is not worth $35 if it is as described by jiji888.

        • Hey Cyoshi,

          Thanks for your reply.

          If you have any trouble redeeming your Scoopon voucher, or you don't receive what was advertised, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll ensure that you're supplied with a positive outcome.

          However, we can assure you that you'll receive exactly what was advertised at the time or purchase.

          Please note that the terms of the deal state that each person can only order one dish at a time, and each dish must be finished before the next is ordered. Valid only for the menu items listed here:


          Mitchell - Scoopon

        • Mitchell,

          I have often wondered about this business of being required to finish a dish.

          What if it sucks? What if it is something like tough squid? What of there are accompaniments that you do not wish to eat? What if it is too spicy?

          I guess it relies on the establishment being upstanding and doing the right thing. The problem is that many of them do not.

        • Thank you Mitchell.

          I tried to e-mail the restaurant on Monday morning for a booking on 24/9 (or any Tuesday thereafter) and received no response from them as of now. Is it acceptable practice in Scoopon's book to ignore booking e-mails? The restaurant is open 7 days a week and there is no excuse for them to have missed my e-mail - I sent two using two different addresses. If I do not receive a response from the restaurant for another day I can only conclude that it is their deliberate effort to avoid honouring the Scoopons which appeared to be oversold, and I would request to get a refund because of that.

        • Hey Cyoshi,

          Thanks for your reply.

          I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't received an email response yet. Can you please send us a Direct Message with your preferred time for a booking on the 24/9?

          Once we have this information I'll ensure that the Deal Provider is contacted directly.


          Mitchell - Scoopon

        • Hi Mitchell, your PM function is off.

        • Hey Cyoshi,

          Message sent :)


          Mitchell - Scoopon

        • Hey Cyoshi,

          Your booking has now been confirmed for 24th September and we've sent you an email to confirm the details.


          Mitchell - Scoopon

  • read the fine print anything from the menu -

    I've had this issue where it states you can eat ANYTHINg

    Then you rock up to the restaurant and Voila a tiny crappy menu.

    This restaurant which is new btw has really stuffed themselves up.

    Please get a refund and spread the word.. horrible

  • seriously i would never book restaurant stuff though a group buy site exactly for this reason

  • I haven't finish reading all comments but the moment I click on the link and found out that this is the Japanese Restaurant, I would say don't bother going and request for a refund from Scoopon.

    1st issue —> booking
    I bought 2 voucher that I need to use by 23rd Dec. I have called and emailed so many times but either no one answer the call or no reply from the them. Hence I walked in to make a booking. And I turned away as they claimed that all booking must be emailed.
    I hence walk way pissed, and call saying I would like to make booking for such date. And they take the reservation straight away. But when I told them I am using scoopon, again they said must be booked by email. I hence argue with him over the phone for over 20 minutes and he finally agree to let me make reservation over the phone.

    2nd issue —> menu
    the menu that was attached on the deal never exist when you dine in. They give you a shitty menu and said most ingredient posted on the menu in Scoopon ran out of stock. Things on the shitty menu is all they have.

    3rd issue —> food waiting time.
    it stated that I need to finish 1 dish before I order another dish, as someone mentioned above, they were too busy to take your order and after order you basically sit and waited for about 10-12 minutes before they serve you the food. In other words, I only managed to have 4 or 5 dishes in 90 minutes.

    4th issue —> one dish at a time
    The highlight says "Each person can only order one dish at a time, and each dish must be finished before the next is ordered"
    So I went with 4 friends and we should able to order 4 dishes at a time, but the restaurant only allowed us to order 1 dish at a time and share among 4 people. So we ordered a California roll and finished it within a minute, sat and waited for another 20minutes (time waiting to order next dish till served) before we can eat something else.

    5th issue —> the quality of the food.
    Somehow I was placed on the spot that other tables and I are using voucher. No matter what I ordered, I can see 80% of rice. Where other tables that are not using voucher, they only have 30% of rice.

    I will never go to this Jap restaurant again!!!!

    • Hey Spiritlow88,

      Thanks for your post.

      First and foremost, we do apologise that your recent dining experience wasn't what you'd expected.

      So that we can investigate this further and rectify the situation for you, I'd kindly ask that you submit a help request via our Help Centre by clicking on the following link:

      Once submitted, please supply me with your help request ticket number and I'll ensure that this is looked into right away.

      Apologies again for the inconvenience caused!


      Mitchell - Scoopon

  • I gotta share my experience as it was great… We had dinner here at Sushi Uo TWICE, using the Scoopon vouchers (first time just 2 of us, the second time it was 4 of us for my hubby's birthday) and both times we had an amazing experience and ate so much wonderful sushi & sashimi that we basically rolled out the door.
    Gotta keep in mind that:
    1. you need to book ASAP for these deals - emailing again after 3 days if you don't get a reply
    2. be flexible on your preferred time/date
    3. arrive on time to your booking (preferably a little early)
    4. already pick your 1st dish before you get there, so the waitress can take your first order immediately
    5. eat your food and make your next order immediately - you can talk while you wait for your next dish to arrive, and also choose your next dish while you talk

  • Wow i can't imagine eating at these places even if they paid me. It'd be like getting food stamps or something.

    No one has any dignity left anymore?

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