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I wish there was a "literally laughed out loud" button.
21/02/2017 - 16:31
You must pay through the nose for electricity or run an enormous rig.
19/02/2017 - 21:14
Used astagea's. Here's mind: EDIT : Been used.
19/02/2017 - 10:47
If we genuinely knew we would become millionaires overnight. If it hit 90 I would buy, but I usually just load up my card in A$ and take it...
18/02/2017 - 14:29
Mine is a large model, with a digital display on the front which I assumed was going to be accurate, but it just a digital display of what...
17/02/2017 - 15:00
I have a Hisense fridge and it has been a supreme disappointment. I can't even get to second base.
17/02/2017 - 14:30
Only buy a MacBook Air for two reasons - you want to use OS X and durability. On average, I believe they are more durable than other...
17/02/2017 - 14:19
Were they screaming, "Look what you've done to my f'ing eggs?" I blame welfare. There are too many families where Mum has 5 kids by 6...
17/02/2017 - 14:00
More of a joke than anything else, but I just clicked through to have a look. My God, it's as big as a horse saddle. But Xiaomi does make...
17/02/2017 - 12:59
That's a ringing endorsement. And as for the smell, they have an air purifier to fix that.
17/02/2017 - 12:56
Hippy politically correct socialism, or it might be good. I will download to find out. Thanks.
17/02/2017 - 10:56
Whose to say real pizza shops aren't criminal too? Who in Brisbane remembers the Big Boot and the rumours of PAL dog food being served up?...
15/02/2017 - 21:34
It's magic.
11/02/2017 - 11:27
That's an incredibly good price for these newly released headphones. I better book a flight overseas so I can claim 1/11 of the price as...
10/02/2017 - 18:02
Recycled from the remains of your non-existent ability to curb your own mouth.
10/02/2017 - 17:38
It's BS of the highest order. No doubt it will be some sort of negative gearing thing, selling you overprices assets, usually properties...
10/02/2017 - 17:33
[@ProspectiveDarkness](/comment/4383411/redir): Don't cry princess, you win the prize for petty calling people "idiots". Also you arguments...
09/02/2017 - 20:22
It's a place where you can pick up your Amazon package that has been dropped there by the courier. It is useful for when you have to sign...
06/02/2017 - 10:06
I just woke up. I read it as "Casino Royale" and when I clicked through I thought, "mmm... I can't remember James Bond wearing one of...
06/02/2017 - 07:43
Yes and it's mandatory to put it on your BOYD that you provide for your Prep student. It will teach them sweet FA and stunt their gross and...
04/02/2017 - 11:21
Minister for Finance. It's a great career path. You could go on to be Treasurer. And then when everyone is sick of you you could become an...
04/02/2017 - 10:04
The left-handed mafia is strong in this forum. "There is some evidence that left-handers are more likely to have minor accidents," says...
04/02/2017 - 09:52
I got my W1080 a couple of years ago when Officeworks were getting rid of them. It's the best projector I have had as far as reliability is...
04/02/2017 - 09:28
Right handed here. Statistically I will live longer than you, plus no smudging on shirt sleeves is a bonus.
04/02/2017 - 08:57
My thoughts exactly. If you are getting blobs and smudges these days then maybe you should stop thinking Bic Pens are at the higher end of...
04/02/2017 - 08:55
The answer is probably that they are a privately owned business and can decide which products or services they offer.
01/02/2017 - 10:31
Don't sell the steak. Sell the sizzle!
30/01/2017 - 00:40
Sounds great, but it painted a mental picture of a house with all the walls packed with massive pictures of the grandkids and your Dad...
28/01/2017 - 06:30
Opinions will vary about which was the best, but for me it was Sonic 2. It brought a great game to a whole new level. After that,...
27/01/2017 - 07:17