This was posted 8 years 8 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Specsavers Contact Lens Offers: Free Shipping or $20 off or $50 off $100 or Free First Pack


Choose from one of these offers. There is something for everyone.

Free Shipping
Free box of Contacts. Get your First pack FREE. Only pay for Shipping. Use Code: WELCOME
Save $20 on your order. Shipping costs apply. Use Code: SAVE20
Save $50 when you spend $100. Shipping costs apply. Use Code: SAVE50

Offers are mutually exclusive and can't be used in conjunction with another offer.

Happy contact lens shopping.
Jack Hawks

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  • Shipping is $10 and cheapest contacts (30 pack) is $20, so can get one pack delivered for $10 either way

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    In hindsight, I should have waited for this deal, which is far better than 2FOR1

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      Hindsight. Eye see what you did there.

  • No Paypal ?, should have gone to specsavers !, oh wait hang on… :P

  • What are everyone's preferred brand of dailies? Hard to find straight answers on the web.

    • I use focus dailies aqua comfort plus. I went to an optom and he gave me samples of a couple to try and they work best for me as I get dry eyes.

      • I use the normal Focus Dailies mainly, but have some of the Acuvue Trueye on hand for special occasions.

    • "Straight answers" are hard to come by when everyone's eyes are different.

      If you're unhappy with your current dailies, go to an optometrist and you'll be given a bunch of different samples to try out — I got given Proclear, Focus Dailies, and Acuvue Moist (which I preferred).

    • acuvue moist, been using them for years.
      Recommended by opt initially, I asked about diff brand a year or so in (to see if there's cheaper/alternatives), but was told if it has been comfortable and trouble free, don't change brand.

      I think diff brands has slightly diff diameters which your opt should know about and recommend you the best fit one.

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    Bought a 3 month supply of dailies when the last deal was posted -
    Didn't benefit from the deal itself, but noticed they had 'free shipping'.

    16/08 - Order placed and they took my money.
    28/08 - Notified via email that my order has been dispatched ETA 10 days.
    09/09 - Estimated delivery date.

    I can tell you who won't be getting my custom in future.

    I can't neg this deal, because it is pretty good… just be mindful that it might take SEVERAL WEEKS for you to get your contacts from somewhere in Asia.

    • Yes it's a very good deal. With $10 delivery, I expect express delivery, not 10 days after despatch.

      • I received my previous order in about 2 weeks time.
        Specsavers rep said it is from UK, not from Asia.

  • Hi Jack,

    How long will you have this offer on for?

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      Hi mylue, the campaign OUR BIGGEST EVER CONTACT LENS OFFER will be running for some time. Probably until end of November, but at our discretion may change some of the offers that we run as part of the campaign. Hope that helps. Jack Hawks.

      • what are the terms? are multiple orders allowed over the period?

  • Purevision $28 plus shipping for 3 lenses. I get them in a box of 6 from the US for around US$32… I buy a year's supply at a time, shipped for $15 and I get them in roughly a week.

    • I was looking at the same, $28 for 3 lenses, 4 boxes of these makes it $62 after coupon code is applied. So, not bad compared to US prices for this.

  • Need them by the 17th. Can guarantee shipping to Mel Melbourne by 17th if order and payment clear by midnight tomorrow?

    • Hi plague69,
      I can't guarantee anything - but would suggest that they will arrive by 17th to Melbourne Metro. Hope that helps. Jack Hawks.

      • thanks for the reply, i'll put in an order tomorrow.

  • I got contacts for the first time last year, and they gave me a 1 year prescription. Was just wondering whether 1 year is normal, or is the optometrist trying to make me keep going back? I don't want to keep going back each year if I can help it. My eyes have been pretty stable for a long time.

    • -3

      if your vision is fine then don't go back.
      I've been wearing glasses longer than most optometrists have been alive.
      Everytime I go back they try to give me a different prescription (especially if you go to someone different). I think its because as they went to uni for 4 years they need you to feel like they know what they're doing. Either that or my eyes are way stuffed :)
      Be assertive - optomoetrists are evil and will do anything to get a bit more cash out of you!
      Contacts are a bit different to glasses though. If you wear them too much you grow capilliaries in your cornea which stuffs your vision.

      • Thanks for your response. I'm assuming though that if I don't go back .. i.e. my prescription expires .. then no one will supply me contacts. Or am I wrong??
        Yep I'm mindful that wearing contacts too much isn't a good thing. I wear them twice a week (sometimes 3 times).

        • I buy contacts online - they don't ask for a script. I also buy glasses online from overseas - also don't ask for a script.

        • Where do you get yours from specifically? ( tried PM'ing you, but it wont let me).

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        If you never going to bother to have regular check, you will never know if something is actually happening. Its not about you think it is, its about do you know or not. All professions did went through training for a reason. What would you feel if someone said in your face, you dont know what you are doing for whatever you do for living. Show some respect.

        • I only said they were evil and arrogant - not that they didnt know what they were doing. Although if I had to criticise their methods, I would say they may place a bit too much weight on the results from the autorefractor.
          This guy describes it quite well:

        • in terms of autorefractors, only chain/stores i know that uses them regularly are specsavers because they need to save time for their 20 min appointments.

      • its perfectly normal for each optometrist to get different results as they use different techniques and the process of determining prescription is "SUBJECTIVE" ie. if you answer differently each time, you will get different prescriptions. considering its hard to determine minor differences in clarity, you will likely get different results each time.

        now, whether you get glasses or not with that script depends on you. most optometrists will advise you that there has been minor change but not significant enough to get new glasses unless you want to update your lenses or frames. only very minor profit driven stores (eg. specsavers) will try to sell you glasses.

        for contact lens wear its recommended that you get your eye checked once a year just to see if there are any side effects of contact lens wear. many side effects are too small for you to notice by simply looking at your eyes in the mirror.

    • +1

      Most optometrists recommend annual checkups for CL wearers for a number of reasons, only one of which is the potential for your vision to change in that timeframe. As a general rule, the more frequently you wear your CL, the more critical it is to get checked up. At a subsequent CL examination, an optometrist will look closely at your corneas to ensure you are not suffering any adverse effects from CL wear, and they'll often take the opportunity to review your wearing patterns and (where appropriate) lens care and cleaning regime. Based on these discussions, the optometrists may recommend alternative or improved lens designs or more advanced cleaning and storage solutions or moisturising drops that may be beneficial to the comfort and health of your eyes. All this takes about 1/2 an hour out of your year, and will probably only cost you $40. At the very least you'll walk out of there knowing your eyes are in good shape and that your lenses/solution/care and cleanings methods are all great. I'd be genuinely surprised if you didn't derive some value from the experience.

  • I just put in two separate transactions to use Welcome and save50 got the Acuvue Oasys down to 20 dollars a box =D.

  • Hey Rep!

    Just wondering, I need the Acuvue Oasys for "Astigmatism" am I able to order those ones?

    Also the base curve on the ones I have is 8.6 (Acuvue Oasys as well) but I can only get 8.4 or 8.8 on the website. Which one shoe I go for and is there much of a difference?


  • Anyone know how to claim these on health insurance?

    Do you get the invoice details via email and just put through a claim via your health insurance with this?

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      Yep, they will give you an invoice with "item numbers". You use these to lodge the claim. You should be able to do your claim online (I have done so with Bupa).

  • Specsavers does not seem to stock Purevision 2 HD. Oh well…might have to pass!

  • Hi Rep,

    I have PM'ed you a question regarding ordering. please check your messages.


  • Hey guys I've never used contacts before. I know my measurements from a recent check up for glasses so if I wanted contacts I should get it measured again right? Would this offer be available in stores?

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      Your script for contacts will be slightly different

      • +1

        ^ obviously an optomoetrist hahaha…
        if you havent had contacts before (or you've grown) you should see an optometrist as they measure the base curvature of your eye. Contact lenses come in various curvatures to give the lens a 'snug fit' against your cornea.

        • +1 for making me laugh :)

          Actually I'm an engineer (student, but still an engineer to be). Only recently got my contacts and my script included the additional base curvature hence "slightly different" :)

  • Specsavers does not stock Biofinity Toric?

  • What the frick does this mean, "Error message: You must select a card from your wallet to use."
    At the final payment screen. I'm pressing "place order" and it's not giving me any option to enter CC details.

    • From what I remember from my own order, there was a little picture of Visa and Mastercard where you had to click which one you would be using before it would let you enter any details.

      • That's what I was guessing. But they weren't clickable.

        Lost a $150 sale, specsavers.

  • I just remembered forgot to say thank you. Thanks a lot OP

  • Great deal, Can I order online and pick up at the store? any store around lilydale area?

    • not available to pick up at store, delivery only for online orders.

  • +1

    Just beware with the policy on returns under the WELCOME deal. They can send you a different prescription or contacts and its not covered when you want to return it (as you did not pay for it, just the shipping). So you pay for shipping and get stuck with unusable contacts. I founds this out when I contacted Specsavers and they said its too bad.

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      Poor form, Specsavers. Not much of a WELCOME, huh!

  • .

  • can we claim the shipping cost of $10 from our health insurance fund?

  • Ah crud, forgot to get in on this. Any chance of an extension Jack?

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