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Homea Deluxe Quilted Full Spring Mattress Single $139 + Shipping or $155.05 Delivered


Price Slashed! Regular Price: $199.95 + Shipping.

Shipping to 6065 : $21.00

Use a new account and apply the DEAL15 code. Adjusted price for me : $139.15.

If you cant use the coupon, see if this is a better deal for you(free shipping)

Great quality mattress. Read the reviews for yourself.

Have bought this before from (price is right) one of the DD dropshipper in ebay for $154.45. I always thought that was an unbelievable price already, but now is even better.

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      dude, this is spring mattress, doesnt come wrapped like that.

      • So how does it come wrapped?

        • From the website

          A full size spring mattress in a box? Are you mad?
          It was once widely thought that people were mad for thinking the earth was round! Just like Columbus, we've had an epiphany — with modern technology it is now possible to package a full size mattress in a way that is convenient to move — by rolling it up, sealing it and boxing it! No sweat!

          Convenience and quality you can afford
          Forget tedious ordering and removalist delivery processes, this high quality spring mattress arrives at your doorstep — in a box! Compressed, rolled, sealed and box packed, all you need to do is bring it inside and open it up— it will spring back to it's original size! Remember when you moved in? That stairwell gave you hell when the time came to move your mattress in!

        • Squeeb, I was trying to provoke lgacb08 into actually reading the webpage… I know exactly how it comes wrapped/packed. Which is why I bought one!

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