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All Badminton Shoes 10% OFF, Pick up or $9.90 Shipping OZ Wide


We offer a 10% OFF voucher code "BS10OFF" for all big brand badminton shoes.

OZ wide shipping cap $9.90 for all orders.

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  • The old saying of you learn something new everyday rings true here.

    I never new there was such a thing as a badminton shoe or a shoe brand called kumpoo.

    • Well you play a sport and need proper equipment, Like tennis shoes, basket ball, swimming pants, shooting gun. You can't wear tennis shoes to do horse racing, use tennis ball for play hockey, swimming pants for rugby, or golf shoes for rock climbing.

      • I agree but I guess I would have assumed that tennis shoes would be fine for squash and badminton.

        • Badminton involves jumping alot, also need rubber base. ;-)

        • +2

          Depends on how you play. If play for fun, any noraml sports shoeswould be fine.

          If you play aggressively, normal sport shoes will not good for badminton. Consider badminton movement is much fast than tennis. Tennis ball fast services is around 240km/h, and new record for badminton smash is 482km/h. Also badminton court is much smaller than tennis court.

        • Which area are you playing?

    • Kumpoo is not the top brand in badminton shoes, but they provide good price compare to Yonex or Victor.

      Kumpoo is a Japan brand, and manufactory racquet, shoes, clothes and more.

    • Haa!! I want to buy some just so that i can say "im going to wear my badminton shoes to that" or "if only I had my badminton shoes, then i would definitely come to dinner" ect…. years of fun

  • Badminton and Squash is in door court. Normally the court is PVC or timber floor.

    Normal sport shoes is normal rubber in outsole. This rubber outsole will slip oncethe floor get wet.

    In door shoes normally using Raw Rubber in outsole to provide more tacky than normal rubber.

    Badminton shoes is design for badminton. Lower to the groud and give player more fast reaction.

  • Any deals on racquets?

  • Rep, do you sell Table tennis table?
    I'm looking to buy Kettler Champ 5.0 table tennis table…

    • We only sell Stiga and Butterflty tables. Please find them on our website.

  • Hi Rep, is BT Feather for girl?, I am looking for BT Feather for Men size 10 but not red colour, blue is fine

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