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Free Original Glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (One or Dozen) - September 19th


For one free Original Glaze doughnut:
Talk like a pirate to a staff member (eg. "Shiver me timbers", "Ahoy Mateys")

For one dozen free Original Glaze doughnuts:
Dress like a pirate.
Must have a minimum of 3 of the following:

  • Pirate hat
  • Bandana
  • Eye-patch
  • Costume hook
  • Pirate shirt
  • Peg-leg
  • Parrot
  • Knickers

Limit one free Original Glazed doughnut or one free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts per person.

Only valid in Krispy Kreme stores on September 19th. 7-Eleven stores not participating.

Enjoy your free doughnuts, everyone! :)

EDIT: Any one in a full pirate costume should head on down for free Boost Juice!!

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  • +5

    I have bad memories of krispy kremes when their Wynard store opened and I was working nearby doing an IT cut over.

    On the other hand if donut king would offer me of their cinnamon 12 donuts to look silly, I'd be in that :-)

  • +6

    Well, I'd be up for that! Pirates are awesome! :)

      • +76

        instead of saying something nasty, why not keep it to yourself and just up vote the deal? just a recommendation..

        • +2

          Be nice to stimpy lol

        • -1

          woaaaaah 70+ downvotes and 40+ upvotes over……this little scrap?
          slow day

      • +1

        take a chill pill, douche. just a recommendation…

      • +3

        lol…created an account just to hurl an insult at someone? you must have a lot of sand where the sun doesn't shine

      • +3

        First day as a registered user. First comment on Ozbargain. Well done, consumersheep.

    • I sacrificed my own leg to play a part of Long John Silver. I didnt get the part. It was the wrong leg facepalm

  • +4

    I'm not desperate enough to…aarrrggghhhh who am I trying to kid? Doughnuts ahoy!

  • +1

    WA miss out again arrrggh!

    • +1

      Please report to the zinger pie post haha

    • not for long, krispy kreme coming to perth shortly!

  • +2

    Will a facsimile parrot do?

    • +2

      How about a pic of my old sweetheart, Alan Jones?

  • +1

    I'd rather keep my dignity and pay for the donuts.

    • +2


    • +25

      I'd rather get in my dinghy and get free donuts. Arrrrrr, my mateys!

    • +2

      Then what are you doing on OzBargain?

  • +3

    True ozbargainers do whatever it takes to get freebies (including making yourself look stupid)

  • +1

    any suggestion on where to get the outfit with a good price?

    • +2

      Spend $30 on the outfit to get $15 worth of donuts?

      (I have no real idea how much it costs to hire a fancy dress, nor how much a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts cost.)

      • +3

        just go to a $2 shop and buy an eye patch and hook, and make your own bandanna. maybe $5? Or you could even make an eye patch rather easily

        • +4

          aluminum foil hook eye patch easily made from paper sharpie and fishing line. and well what self respecting human doesn't have a pirate hat already.

        • Is that aluminium (note British English spelling) foil left over from the foil helmet you made to stop the aliens reading your mind? :p

        • I agree. Pirate is all attitude.

      • +2

        Go to 2 shops…problem solved!

  • +68

    You should be allowed to go in with your laptop:

    'Look! Breaking Bad! Game of Thrones! Walking Dead!'.

  • +22

    Do you think they'd mind if I walked in dressed like this?

    • +10

      Funny-looking parrot on his shoulder.

      • +6

        I call him Ruchnoy Protivotankovyy Granatomyot.

        • +6

          Polly wanna crack a tank open?

    • +2

      best comment/pirate pic ever… kudos brother

  • I'm going to go in with 3 eyepatches made out of paper.

    • Are you Hindu?

      Note: Third eye reference, not being offensive.

  • at 7 11 guys??

    • "7-Eleven stores not participating."

  • +1

    so in sydney there is only one store in Central station (the rest are in airports…). this branch better have lots of boxes ready.

    • +2

      There is one near auburn

    • +1

      also one in Liverpool.. the first Krispy Kreme store opened in Australia.

    • .

      • Yep good old Livo KK at Orange Grove has been there forever.

      • +2

        Wasn't Penrith the first?

      • no, first one was in Penrith..I remember driving all the way there just to buy a dozen…

    • Has the one in warringah mall closed?

    • Don't forget Penrith.

    • also one near the airport off general holmes drive

  • fold newspaper pirate hat, everyday scaff "bandana" and cut round black cardboard with string.
    TOTAL amount = $0 priceless.
    Free Donuts.

  • +7

    Hey OP, you didn't happen to buy some gamsat book on ebay a while ago - if you did, the internet is a small place!

    upvote for free donuts!

    • +5

      Wow! Yes I did!

      • Did you pay in doughnuts?

  • +1

    I'll do anything (almost) for a Crisp one.

  • +1

    There we go. no buffoonery, no costume required, $1.50 = easy.…

    ( Yar i's not a=#Krispy Kreme store d'nut _ quote unquote)

  • +16

    This is where kids pay for themselves for once - my son already has a full pirate costume for preschool dressups. Kid + costume = free donuts + no loss of dignity. Identify yourself as an ozbargainer to me and I will give you exactly 5 of my donuts at time of purchase

  • Do I have to show my knickers, or will they take my word for it that I am wearing them? :-O

    • +2

      You have to show them :P

      Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
      Melbourne VIC

      Please find enclosed my application for employment commencing 19/9/13 and my letter of resignation dated 20/9/13.

      Yours faithfully, strangeloops66

    • +3

      Great, showed my knickers to them last week and got arrested. This week they give me free doughnuts. Go figure ;-)

      • The important question is: Why did you show your knickers in a doughnut shop last week?

        • It's good to share and bring happiness to others. I also thought if I did it long enough I would get free doughnuts. Turned out to be true. ;-)

        • It pays to daydream :p

      • Should of gone in there nude with a pirate costume painted on…

  • -4

    Donuts give you Cancer.

    • +7

      Everything gives everyone cancer.

      • +1

        yeah but donuts give you DONUT Cancer. Cancer of your DONUT.

        • +1

          Mmmmm Cancerous Donuts

        • +1

          i donut want to know how you know that(!)

        • +1

          A donut is just a bun that's had a biopsy.

    • Something in the end has to kill you….

    • Now I know why it's called the big C.

  • I wouldn't risk the humiliation. Instead, get someone else to dress up and get the donuts for you.

  • Damn, should have an asterix in the title.

  • +4

    Do you mean there should be a cartoon Gaul in the title, or that there should be an asterisk, e.g. "*"?

    • Oh yeah, that's what I ment haha.

  • +2

    good bye dignity, ahoy diabetes.

    • +1


  • my sister works at KK, she assures me there will be plenty ready to reward the brave souls on the day

    They usually just throw the left overs (hundreds) out in the evening, might as well give them away

    • +3

      say, is your sister single?

    • I wondered what they did with the left over ones.
      That's so bad that they throw them out.

  • So no 7/11 because it's just a display cart.
    How about the one thats part of a BP petrol station food court?
    It's got its own area work area like a Donut king and it's own KK employee anyway to know which places are valid?

  • +3

    Dress up as pirate and raid all Krispy Kreme & BOOST JUICE tomorrow!

    Yes, boost juice's theme for tomorrow is PIRATE!

    • awesome!

    • also any proof for this? can't seem to find any.


        'Ahoy! Tomorrows clue is live. Any Ideas what it could be? Ps. Follow us on Instagram to get all the hints as soon as they come out. '

        • +1

          Cheers thanks for this got in to my boost at 12:40 apparently we're the only ones who completed any of the challenges so far at our boost so thats interesting.

  • Is it in Sydney only airport and CBD have store now?

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