expired Runtastic Pull up Pro Free on Android


Runtastic pull up pro free on Android. Code is a usual appoftheday.


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    The push up one has been good, surprisingly motivating. So I guess with this one I've a lot of pulling to look forward to..

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    Any way to run those runtastic programs without being linked to facebook?


    not working

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    does this have a program for one handed pullups?

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    how do u make this pro?

    i can't enter the code anywhere

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    Can someone explain how these appoftheday things work please? Is appoftheday done by google or by a 3rd party?
    Are they full versions and ad free forever? If you uninstall and reinstall at a later date, do you lose the "paid" version?

    Is there any catch?


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      App of the Day is, wait for it…an app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appturbo.a...
      So yeah, third party. And about the uninstalling thing it differs from app to app. Not 100% sure, but it seems to me that the apps that require a promo code to unlock are not redeemable later on after uninstalling it. Some of the apps that are made available do not require a promo code but actually have their prices reduced via Google Play or they have a free version of the app made available (for a limited time) that has actually has all the features of the paid app. In these cases I assume you can redownload the apps after uninstalling.

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        You can backup the apk & settings (using Titanium Backup for example) and keep the license by restoring the data I believe. If you can be bothered doing it like this as opposed to certain other ways of getting the pro version for free which would make more sense …

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          Thanks. Checked out Titanium Backup but it requires root.
          I have a Galaxy S4. Would you know if backing up apps using Samsung Kies also backs up saved app data?


      With runtastic the "pro" feature will be linked to your runtastic account. So if you uninstall and re-install or install on a different phone, you will get the "pro" feature back once you login.


    I weigh 140kg and there's no way I can do even half a pull up