expired Assassin's Creed Anthology (5 Games + All DLC) X360 + PS3 - $58 At EB Games


I thought I got a great deal on this when it temporarily dropped to $75 delivered on Amazon.co.uk but now it's only $58 at EB!

Just to put into context how cheap this is, Amazon is now selling the XBOX 360 version for $154 delivered.

Looks to be a fair bit of stock around too.

PS3: https://ebgames.com.au/ps3-160472-Assassins-Creed-Anthology-...

XBOX 360: https://ebgames.com.au/xbox360-160473-Assassins-Creed-Anthol...

In-store only. While stocks last.

EB Games Australia

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    Is it only in four stores for PS3?

    Edit - Nope lots more now. Don't know why it only showed four stores in the country when I first clicked on it.


      I've put in random postcodes for most major cities and all of them have plenty of stock around.

      Damn, your edit beat me.


    If you're not fussed wait until after Black Flag has been released. Price will more then likley drop then because it's not the complete Anthology

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    I don'e even like Ass Creed, but $60 for 5 games plus DLC…. :)


    looking good to me….


    Good deal. Pitty there are not many stores in Sydney with 360 stock. At least any stores that aren't 31+ KM away from my place. Considering there are at least 6 EB stores within 35 mins drive from my place.


    Good find.

    I just hope they bring AC to Steam. Then next steam summer sale this would be like $5 - haha


    No copies in WA according to Belmont staff by phone. Probably a good thing I'm only budgeted for one game this week…


    Do these games use crappy uPlay accounts or any BS system like that?

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      *PS3 and XBOX 360


        So? Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Ubisoft game) on the PS3 has a whole uPlay store built into the game & you need a uPlay account to play online with your uPlay pass.


      There are uPlay rewards you can unlock if you log in, but they are completely optional.

      I think you need it to play online too.


        I did use uplay on console for Ac 1 and 2 and all I can remember are bonuses like extra throwing knives and missions and the fact it is not as intrusive and dependant as uplay on pc


    I already ended up buying all of them again on PC through Steam sale after trading in all the console versions. I really wish they did this sale earlier though, that's definitely a damn good bargain.


    Wouldn't trust the website, i just called 4 stores around Brisbane that were supposed to have stock but none of them did.

    None at Forest Lake, Logan, Mt Ommaney or Morayfield!

    Anyone else in Brisbane have more luck?


      Picked up a PS3 copy at North Lakes. The website said they only had the 360 version, but when I called them, they said that they didn't have the 360 version, but they did have the PS3. Tried Strathpine first which said it had both versions on the website, but I called them, and they were sold out.


      I had a copy on hold at Morayfield, but it didnt have the big box or any of the DLC codes. It only contained the case with the games. I have sourced another copy at JB hifi for a matched price and taken the morayfield copy off hold if you are interested.


    None at Browns Plains either.


    Has this been Ozbargained?

    Rang 2 stores, the first said it would be very difficult to find, looked it up and said no stock in SA, second store confirmed that.

    360 version, rang Tea Tree Plaza and Firle.

    I find this odd for a deal posted 2 hours ago…

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    Don't waste your time. I called all four of the Vic stores on their website that said had stock and none of them had any. For an extra $17, just buy it directly from Ubisoft with free express shipping.



    I rang around brisbane and there was only 2 or 3 available across the board. Moray field still has one in stock, but someone has knocked off the packaging leaving only the games in its case. I am assuming all the DLC has been taken as well, but still worth it for all the core games.

    I had it on hold there and then called JB Hifi and asked them if they will price match and they did. So I have cancelled my hold on the morayfield copy if anyone is interested.


      Did you try all the places that said out of stock on their website? I'm not sure how reliable their system is. I wound up getting a PS3 version from North Lakes when it said that it was out of stock on their website.


      Apparently someone was interested in it, i called Morayfield this morning and since you cancelled your hold someone else has put it back on hold. Only the quick and the dead….


      With the DLC, if you bought it new, you can contact the developers of the game and they will honour the DLC and send you new codes :)


    Should probably check the stores first before posting this deal… because seeing as this is EBGames most stores probably dont have any copies left.


    Called a whole bunch of inner west Sydney EB games—>no stock for PS3 version despite mentioning on website
    Why does the OP say lots of stock around?

    Anyone know of any in Sydney?


    If only I didn't own 3 of the 5 games + DLC. Still… Also, if there aren't any at your store, try getting them to print you off a list of the available store that have them in stock. They can call up and ask them to transfer it for you. At least that's been my experience in the past.

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