expired Civilization Series on Sale (up to 75% +25% off)

Civilization Series on Sale (up to 75% +25% off)Affiliate

The Civilization series is currently on sale for with up to 75% off on GMG. Use GMG25-J4B0D-FLH8M for a further 25% off.

If you don't have an account with GMG already and you're feeling generous, here's my referral link which will credit us both with $2 after you make your first purchase: http://www.greenmangaming.com/?gmgr=lusocemu

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    Here's another possible option. I was able to get the Brave New World expansion from GameFly (http://digital.gamefly.com/#!/promotion/232) with a code from Reddit (GFDSEP20) for USD7.99.

    (sorry if I'm doing it wrong!)

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    Nowhere near as good a deal as http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/106094

  • +3 votes

    25% off a 75% reduction is a total of ~81%


    Disappointing that it's UP TO 75% off…

    The Civilization 5 Pack is $79.95 and the Brave New World is still $20… Both were cheaper 2 weeks ago on GMG…


    who doesn't love a Civ deal?


    D'ya know, it sounds sad, but Civ II is the only one I've ever played…I want to get that again, does anyone know from where I might be able to grab it? Didn't see it on this deal.


      I think the best deal right now is:

      http://digital.gamefly.com/#!/download-sid-meier's-civilization-v-gold-edition/5005431 (16.99)


      http://digital.gamefly.com/#!/download-sid-meier's-civilization-v-brave-new-world/5006002 (9.99)

      Using the count Coupon code for 20% off: "GFDSEP20". This should set you back for just under $22


      I played the crap out of Civ2 with the Gold edition CD. Having lost it at some point I found myself in your exact same predicament.

      I had to resort to non-legit means to get it back, you know, using sites that begin with P and end in irate bay.

      While you're at it, get http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civilization_II:_Test_of_Time . It is to Civ2 what Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red is to Blue/Red/Yellow.


        Couldn't find a good T Orrent. haha

        Annoying thing is, I'm willing to pay $5-$10 for it, but it just exists nowhere :(

        Shall bear Test of Time in mind!

        Cheers for that.


      Ha I was hoping to find Civ II here too! Haven't tried any of the later ones. There's one going for approx $50 on ebay. Yikes.

      Used to have some epic matches over the net. Wouldn't mind one right now. Feel like a reformed junkie wanting a hit, for old times sake.


    I played the crap out of Civ I and Civ III. Do I really want to waste more of my life on Civ?