expired Rays Outdoors - Brahman 4 Burner Hooded BBQ $79 VIP Price, Save $120.00 - Membership Free


As described on the website. Just a entry level BBQ but you can't go too wrong for $79. I just mentioned the VIP price and they gave it to me for that, didn't have to show membership. There is a cheaper similar one,


but it wasn't in the store I went to, Toowoomba. There were 3 or 4 of this one when I went there. Other stores might have a couple more.

I have no idea on expiry either.

Ray's Outdoors

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    Put it together this afternoon, and apart from one missing screw that I think the kids took, it seems fine enough for the money. But as I said, it is nothing special apart from the price.

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      Just to think, if you missed one screw when you were younger you wouldn't have kids :P

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        … And the BBQ would have not missed a screw.

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    Good deal mate, gonna check Melbourne store tomorrow


    Thanks OP

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    Also available http://www.raysoutdoors.com.au/online-store/products/Brahman... $71.71 down from the already discounted price of $149 was $239. Looks to be a bit smaller, but higher quality. Good for those without much space out back.

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      Just found this one too, thinking of getting one to go fishing if there are any near me. http://www.raysoutdoors.com.au/online-store/products/Renaiss... $99.99 was $269

      There are a few others as well but I won't post them as I don't consider them to be bargains despite being heavily reduced such as a 4 burner for $500 down from $1000. Cheap vs RRP sure, but not compared to $70-80 for essentially the same thing.


      I can't see the 71.74 price


        You have to be logged in under a membership thingy. Then search through the 3 /4 burner category,


      Yeah, I have that in the description, but am not too sure on stock available. I was keener on this one but no stock, and I had to buy quickly to stop the hubby buying one secondhand for around $50 :/


    Always looking out for BBQ Burner.. maybe this is the one.


    When I try to add this to my cart, it just gives me the full $199 price?


      I had the same issue, have to login again or restart browser for it to show as VIP price.


    Yeah, looks like the deal finished.


    Sorry guys, looks like it finished in line with the catalogue, but could be worth keeping an eye in future. Hopefully some of you bought online.

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