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50% off Skype Cards at Coles: 09-16th Oct


Limited time offer. October 9th – October 16th, 2013. Sold only at Coles Grocery Stores.

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  • Thanks! Just opened an account yesterday, this deal arrives just in time!

    • I literarlly just bought skype credit the night before ><!!!!!! and it hasnt even been emailed to me yet!

  • OK well my wife rings my daughter's mobile in Colombia using Skype credit . so this is great for me. Is there something better?

    • Yes, I use www.rynga.com
      Colombia (Landline) € 0.023
      Colombia (Mobile) € 0.035

  • Skype cards.. Does this include other cards? Gift cards? It's like when jbhifi have DVD sale int actually includes music, bluray etc.

    • No, the link is to the Skype site, not Coles.

  • voted up this deal, but as the other comments say, Skype is very expensive and an outdated method to call phones with so many VOIP players offering better deals at a fraction of the price. Skype to Skype is great though

  • +2

    Might be expensive, but for those who are stuck with using it, half price is a huge improvement on full price.

    It's a fairly inexpensive option for unlimited calls to landlines within Aust (or other various options) for those with limited call allowances though. Usually $10.99 for a month, reduced to $5.50 with this offer or $65, reduced to $32.50 for a year. The calls use very little data.

    9th Oct is still a fair way off though.

  • For those who are looking for cheaper alternatives to Skype, check out Betamax VOIP services. They operate number of sites offering much cheaper IDD rates. Most of those services have native apps for mobile (Android/iphone) + desktop (Windows) platforms, and a call back service if you have a bad data connection.

    Price comparison : http://backsla.sh/betamax
    Choose the baste rate for the country you want then visit the corresponding site to signup / see the rates in AUD.

    • Is there a level of service comparison as well? I have used Skype for over 5 years and never had a major issue with their service. The skype to go feature is great as well. Additionally buying a skype phone number where your friends/family can call locally that will ring you abroad, just genius. I have not evaluated all of the other VOIPs out there, but these features really make Skype a more appealing product.

  • I've had a pretty good run with Skype and also like that it's on my iPhone/iPad/etc… good thing I didn't buy the Australia Post Skype deal now that this is available soon!

  • bought $200 worth of cards for $100 - awesome..which qualified me for the 16c a litre off petrol voucher,more awesome

    • Ditto! $200 for $100 but saved the 16 cent coupon & used my expiring 8 cents- since the 16 is good until Nov.

      Also got the Flybuys!


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