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4kg Whey Protein Concentrate Plus 250g AAKG, 500g Taurine, 500g Glycine and Shaker Bottle $85.00


Power Nutrients WPC is available in 17 great tasting flavours….You won't find a better tasting protein powder…and with just 5-10g of flavour added per kg (40g for cocoa flavours) this is also one of the most purist powders on the market. Full quality and purity Guarantee
Try the choc-honeycomb, choc-peanut or the newest flavour choc-pineappleā€¦. definitely the 3 most popular flavours
only $12 flat fee shipping aust wide, same day shipping via couriers please (if order in by 2pm)
pick up also available at Wetherill Park NSW.
check out the prices, you can mix and match flavours.

Use coupon code 'bargain' to receive this deal for just $85.00 which will include the 4 bags Whey Protein Concentrate, 250g bag AAKG, 500g bag Taurine and 500g bag of Glycine (CHOICE OF 6 FLAVOURS - pls advise in checkout comments) as well as 1 shaker bottle. these items will be automatically added to your order at shipping.


For all those who wish to test the purity of our product, please ask for a benedicts reagent test kit in checkout comments and this will be supplied free of charge.

Purity and quality guarantee for ALL our products, if our product tests more than 2% discrepency of what is stated on the label we will give a full refund of purchase price and shipping PLUS $100 cash.

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  • Doesnt seem to be working for me.

  • He's put 'bargain' as the code in the title thing but 'ozbargain' as the code in the text

  • I pay about $320 for 20kg of wpi concentrate flavoured, At this price, it doesn't seem to bad but not enough to deter me to a new product either.

  • Can not find choc-honeycomb from the list of flavour

  • benedicts reagent test kit tests for sugars in food , how does this relate to testing the purity of protein in your products

    Also, what country do you source your protein from

  • +1 for giving out free test kits and addressing the issues of the protein industry atm.

    Can't comment on the protein itself tho as I have'nt used your product before.

  • Where can the code be added?


  • Anyone tried both Myofusion Choc-Peanut and this Choc-Peanut variety, would like to how they compare in taste.

  • this is what i got…"Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit"

  • -2 votes

    all protein is scammed to the max. if it says 100% protein its only 50%. if it says 80% its 40% and so on

    • mmm.. interesting. tell me more.

    • cool story bro


      We have a purity guarantee, testing your product will cost you $50 and 50g of product…. find a discrepancy and we give you a full refund or product and shipping and $100 cash. our product has been INDEPENDENTLY tested by NSW food authority and the ACCC and both came back perfect. email me for a copy.

  • not working :/

  • ordered once from these guys never again ..they sent me all wrong flavors
    bags had chocolate written on them and were banana

    • ever heard of emailing them about it? could of been resolved and u are here crying about it.

      • No harm in advising others of his experience. If I was tossing up between two companies with equal products, then it would be helpful to read about previous experiences such as this to make my decision easier.


      Mate, a simple email or phone call would have fixed the issue in moments….the fact we didnt receive either kind of says you didn't mind the banana. It shouldnt have happened, but again, it could have been fixed.

  • How does this compare to ON Gold Standard? I'm almost out and I loved the vanilla ice cream flavour. In the past I've been wary of random protein brands because they often taste like chemicals. Can anyone recommend?

  • Good price.

  • i can't work out where to put the coupon? i get all the way to paypal with no option to put it in


      'shopping cart' tab below the grey search bar. before checking out, then you will see options below including 'apply discount code'

  • Great price, I think i tasted some of your product at the fitness expo, i did have a card but cant find it now. I was there on the trade day and you didnt have any stock. Unless im thinking of a diff company with very simalar packaging.

    Just ordered using the code. When would i expect delivery?


      Yes that was us. we were there giving lots of samples. we have same day shipping via couriers please, any order in by 2pm goes out same day.
      thanks for your order


      mate, see above with our PURITY GUARANTEE, you might want to also check with the ACCC who completely independently tested our product (with real and accurate testing equipment) and found absolutely NO discrepency in what we state on the label, i will happily send you a copy of the letter from the ACCC. also, if you would like to try our product, ill happily pay for the testing at any laboratory of your choice.

  • Tried yesterday and coupon was expired, tried again this morning and it worked.
    Great value, looking forward to trying the different flavours! Thanks rep!

  • Is there a list of ingredients for this one?

  • got mine, tried the choc-peanut and choc-coconut so far, both delicious. I usually use ON gold double chocolate and have tried many brands, often going back to ON because of taste (I want to look forward to shakes not make up excuses for not having to drink them). While their chocolate flavouring is steering towards that nesquicky taste that a lot of other brands have (which ON doesn't), the combo flavours work well and they taste good. choc-coconut tastes like coconut rough. i'll buy again, especially cos it's about $50 cheaper than ON

  • Just ordered tonight!
    Cant wait to try it!
    Thanks OP

    • I left comments requesting the testing kit, however it never arrived. Does taste good though.

      • Any chance you'll send the kit Rep or just forget this customer?

        • ozy - better off getting kit from another source to ensure results are certain- go to bulk nutrients.


          hi ozy, sorry, i havent been looking here after the deal expired, please email me at [email protected] ill have one sent to you immediately, but i need to know your order number, not sure why it was left off your order.

  • I received mine yesterday via courier. Great next business delivery!

    I got the mixed fruit flavours for the extra bags of amino acid stuff that was thrown in. Mixed all together into a glass of water tastes alright.
    I've tried the strawberry flavour protein powder and it tastes fine.

    Also received 1 testing kit. Haven't had a chance to test yet, but i trust it will be fine. Thanks again for the deal rep!

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