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Event Cinemas (Greater Union& BCC) $8.50 Tickets



We know you love movies, so enjoy our Family & Friends sale and pre-purchase movie eVouchers for just $8.50* each.

These exclusive $8.50* movie eVouchers are only available to buy until 11:59pm AEDST Monday, 7th October 2013.

These tickets can be redeemed to see any movie, any time at any of our Event Cinemas, Greater Union or Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas between Tuesday, 8th October 2013 & Wednesday, 20th November 2013.

Get in quick, as tickets are bound to sell out fast!

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    Sale period strictly ends 11.59pm AEDST Monday 7th October 2013. The e-voucher entitles one admission to a movie screening at participating Event, Greater Union and Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinema locations between Tuesday 8 October 2013 and 11:59pm on Wednesday 20 November 2013. Each e-voucher is to be printed and surrendered at the cinema ticket box for a ticket or redeemed online (a $1.10 booking fee per ticket applies for all bookings). It may take up to 60 minutes after purchasing this voucher before it can be redeemed online or at the box office. E-vouchers can only be purchased online. E-vouchers are not valid for Gold Class, group bookings, movie marathons, special events, alternate content presentations, Moonlight Cinemas, Skyline Drive-in Blacktown, sessions of The Hunger Games Catching Fire or in conjunction with any other offer or promotion unless otherwise stated. Maximum purchase of 20 e-vouchers in any one transaction. Not valid for public holidays. Standard surcharges apply for Vmax and 3D/Real D films. 3D Glasses $1 if required. It is the responsibility of the holder of the e-voucher to ensure that it is used for a session that screens prior to the expiry date, no responsibility for expired e-vouchers and the expiry date is not extendable. E-vouchers cannot be redeemed for sessions outside of the redemption period. Gift cards or gift vouchers may not be used for purchase. This e-voucher is not transferable or refundable and is not for re-sale. Lost or stolen vouchers will not be replaced.

    • Thanks for that…..

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      Warning: Cinemas like to offer discount vouchers like this during times when they expect sales to be poor because there are fewer popular movies coming out.

      So go for it, but make sure there's something you want to watch between 8th October and 20th November:


    • Cool story bro.

      Just needed some more dragons and that..

      • Yeah putting up the T&Cs must be hard for you… Generally you can just tick the box ;)

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    Damn you beat me by less than a minute!

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    "Get in quick, as tickets are bound to sell out fast!"

    Can they really .."sell out" ??

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    Telstra $10 tickets come out way better. There's a booking fee for these tickets, unlike telstra, these presage tickets also have to charge for 3d and vmax!!

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      This is still $1.50 cheaper than Telstra if only watching 2D, bying tickets at cinema.

      If you buy online, can you go straight in at the cinemas, or do you still have to redeem a normal ticket using the printout?

    • These are still 40 cents cheaper than the Telstra deal with the booking fee included…

  • thank you op!

  • Cheapest tickets ive seen for a long time, great deal, thanks OP

  • Not valid for school hols in Vic unfortunately.

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    ******BEWARE: Not Valid for Village Cinemas*******

    I purchased 7 tickets without knowing, since it claims on Wikipedia that they are redeemable at Village:
    "Village Cinemas is the Victorian equivalent of Event or Greater Union, and all interstate ticket discounts/coupons are traditionally also valid at Village Cinemas"

    Too bad I didn't wait otherwise would have seen the next Deal

  • super deal

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    just careful not to get carried away. There are only 2-3 good movies within the 45 days.

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      Doctor who 50th Anniversary will be shown at most event cinema's at same time as ABC, be worth it for that.

      • that would possibly count as a "special event". (I know the Doctor Who screenings earlier this year counted as such)

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        The 50th is on November 23 while these tickets expire on the 20th.

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    The only thing that doesn't drive me in because the expire dates of these tickets, there's just not enough months to make the most of these tickets, 6/10 of these movies are horrible. the good stuff just finished and the rest are end of year.

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    Wow, same price as the everyday price at the local Cineplex cinemas which are also tenfold better :/

    • yep, and even cheaper at Cineplex on budget days…

    • Queenslander?

      This is less than half price for NSW :(

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    Damnit why do we get Ender's Game a month later? I was gonna get tickets for that movie alone…

    • That's why they're doing the deal within those dates: not much on.

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    Meh, as stated by a few others they always do this deal in the quiet months when crap all good movies are coming out (save for 1 or 2 usually). I'll pass - especially since I can get $6 tickets All Day everyday at my local Cineplex :-)

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      Where is this mystical $6 cinema?

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        Somewhere on the Gold Coast.

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        Cineplex Nerang, Gold Coast. If you like their Facebook page they give you the $6 deal (all the time, no conditions). Go there all the time :-) They have an awesomely cheap candy bar as well!

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          I think I might actually buy popcorn/drinks/snacks at the movies occasionnally if it wasn't 10 times reasonable prices.

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    Does anyone know whether these tickets work for movies in the Japanese Film Festival? Or is that considered "special events"?

    • There's a Japanese film festival?

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    It was listed on the comingsoon movies link for eventcinemas that fell in the time window for these tickets (except for Broome and Melbourne): http://japanesefilmfestival.net/jff_movie
    Broome: 17 Sep – 18 Sep
    Hobart: 13, 14 & 16 Oct
    Brisbane: 16 Oct – 20 Oct
    Perth: 23 Oct – 27 Oct
    Townsville: 26 Oct
    Canberra: 30 Oct – 3 Nov
    Cairns: 3 Nov
    Sydney: 14 Nov – 24 Nov
    Melbourne: 28 Nov – 8 Dec
    Darwin: TBC

  • Also note these are not valid in Melbourne City. This wasn't mentioned in the post and I didn't know until I read the terms and conditions (after buying 4 tickets). Pretty dodgy if you ask me. Is there any way I can off load these things?!

    • I just sent them an email requesting a refund, hope it works

      "Hi Event

      I purchased these tickets online recently, and it appears the Terms and Conditions have changed for the tickets to not be redeemable at the Melbourne City theatre.

      Seeing as it is the only Event Cinema branch in Victoria where I live, I would like to request a refund for all 7 tickets, totalling $59.50
      The unique PayPal Transaction ID is:

      Thanks for your assistance"

      • They have refunded in full!

  • Shows as expired on the site, even though it's not Monday yet? :/

  • yeah, not even monday and tickets are sold out. stupid website.

  • Just bought some from the mobile website. Not expired there.

  • Ok, nvm, it's back. 11h left. Lol…

  • Movie tickets are extended, can still buy update heading.

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