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200pcs 60x60cm Puppy Pet Dog Cat Training Pads Super Absorbent Wee LooToliet $45 Free Shipping!


200 pcs Puppy Pet Dog Cat Training Pads 60x60cm

AUD $45 ($0.225 each)
Free shipping within Australia

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Want to save more? Buy in bulk

400 pcs Puppy Pet Dog Cat Training Pads 60x60cm

AUD $90 $83 ($0.208 each, save $7 in total)
Free shipping within Australia

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  • Those quantities seem excessive, I bought a pack of 30 for my dog when we got her and she was trained well before the 30 had been used up. I'm not saying that all dogs should take less than 30 or that mine is anything special but surely it shouldn't take much more than 30, possibly 50.

    • +1

      I know a lady who uses them for her dog when it can't get outside so I guess someone like that might have reason to get a large pack of them.

  • I use them for my toy poodle, so she can go to the toilet when ever she wants inside. Since when we get home quite a lot of times it is too late to go out.

  • I use alot because I put them in the crate and the old boy doesn't always want to go outside anymore - arthritis and old timers.

    I use them as draw liners and I put them on the chairs. also good when the dog chews bones inside as a placemat.

    good price but I wonder at the quantities whether importing them myself would be cheaper like the alibaba resellers on ebay

  • +2

    I'm pretty sure the reject shops just started doing packs of 100 for $20 which is slightly better than this deal

    • I haven't seen them but that's where I get mine 40 pack for $15 - 60x60. are they the same size?

      I know they have 4 disposable baby changemats for $2. same thing but smaller size