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Havaianas Thongs $10 at Just Sport [Bankstown]


Was just at Officeworks picking up my price match on the $10 pre paid Telstra deal for the Ipad and stumbled on Just Sport Bankstown which is located directly behind this weekend they have a big sale on a number of items but in particular Havaianas Thongs $10. When I went in they were already on sale there is limited stock but certainly worth the trip.

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    It's a shame you cant order online! :( Websites blank

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    why anyone would pay more than $5 for thongs is beyond me.

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      I found that the Havaianas are quite durable and last me years. I have used others and they do not last anywhere near as long. I also run around with them and pretty much wear out the bottoms. The sure sign to replace them is when the (have no idea what the name for it is) connector between the top material and the thong base snaps.

      For me, personally, it is the only brand I will buy. Plus they are quite comfortable and look pretty good too. Lasted all of uni for me!

    • Made the same comment last time and got a few responses implying that I don't understand because:
      (1) I am poor; and/or
      (2) I am not fashionable.

      I stand my ground though. Thongs are only to be worn at home or on the beach. No way I'd pay for any branding on that thing.

      • Haha, just because you don't buy these thongs doesn't make you poor or unfashionable…
        However I do like these thongs and think they are worth the extra dosh. They are very durable. I have had one pair for 2 years now and still going strong. I do wear them a fair bit too.

    • I stocked up from this clearance. these thongs usually last at least a year. so $1.60 per year for thongs is pretty good and which is the allowable rate for depreciation of thongs under ATO rules -so effectively free!!!

  • I on the other hand have found them to be pretty crap, but continue to buy them because 1. they are rubber and the straps don't cut into your feet like the plastic ones do, and 2. they look good :) But I do only buy them when I can find them on sale now.
    Seriously we have about 6 pairs here that the plug has broken off, still quite new. My sister has had the same with hers, although her last pair has lasted better. My original havis were great and lasted till I wore through the sole, but I heard something about the factory being moved to China around the time they started breaking so maybe that's something to do with it.

    • If there was one thing I would want changed with their thongs is to have that 'plug' made much stronger than currently done so. It is really easy to ruin the entire thong(s) because of a trip or got stuck somewhere and they just snap off.

  • I went to officeworks today and thought to check out this place. They have plenty of stock in various colours and sizes. I purchased about half a dozen pairs in 35/36 and a few in 37/38.

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