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FREE Coupons: Paid Courses: Oracle SQL, Java, Productivity, Ethical Hacking&Penetration, etc

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I have been continuously updating Free udemy coupons on OZB,
since still there are some fans.
Full credit should go to OZB user Lurker for helping me to hunt free codes.
Enrol your preferred ones FREE
Coupons may expire soon.

1.SEO Crash Course for WordPress Users
Coupon Code =webdesy.com webdesy

2.Introduction to Oracle SQL
As per JV's request :D

3.Productivity Mastery
Coupon Code =FriendsFREE reddit_FREE_2

4.Study Skills & Time Management for Students
Coupon Code=FriendsFREE

5.An Introduction to Lean & Agile - How to Enjoy Work More
Coupon Code =free4reddit

6.Google Documents A to Z
Coupon Code =2858THE

7.Learn How to Create an Animated Promo Video in 1 Hour
Coupon Code =TwitterFreebie00

8.Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms in Java
Coupon Code=DSALGPR1

9.Developing Custom Timer Jobs for SharePoint 2013
Coupon Code=REDDIT12



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  • +3

    Thanks heaps for bringing us these.
    Free education is great.

  • +1

    1.SEO Crash Course for WordPress Users coupon is sold out

  • +1

    1 is sold out. Thanks again.

  • Google Docs sold out.

  • Course code free4redditUni not valid for 5. Thank you for the others. I look forward to these codes each day.

    • Try this
      Make sure no space before the code :D

      • Got it!! Thank you.

  • +1

    Huge amounts of gratitude to OP, and sources. Some of these courses have been fantastic, and I definitely appreciate the effort required to source these codes. THANKYOU :-)

  • once they can run these on Android, will be much easier. very much appreciate the updates OP.

    • -2

      once they can run these on Android, will be much easier.

      not for those with iphones…

    • Completly agree. If we download offline, it would be useful

  • Thanks OP, always appreciated.

  • SEO Crash Course for WordPress Users would have been goood.

    • Not really, SEO books are usually out of date / use outdated practices / are the opinion of 1 person.

      Read blogs /r/SEO, websites, discussion boards

  • +2

    Link 5 Doesn't work (sold out)

  • Thanks for effort OP. None for me this time…

  • It's time to become a knowledgeable person!

  • 5.An Introduction to Lean & Agile - How to Enjoy Work More
    Coupon Code =free4reddit worked.

  • +4

    I never knew I wanted to make lampshades until now!

    • +1

      I know you're being humorous but just in case… try sewing one and you'll never want to do it again. Not fun just a lot of injuries from sticking the needle in your finger instead of the fabric. Make the cardboard ones instead and save yourself the injuries. Never again. Twenty years later I still have the lampshade as a reminder. ;)

  • Thanks OP. Very useful.

  • 2 is sold out.

    Try this one instead, same course that I found on Google Plus. It's not free but I haven't been able to find any other free coupons… The post says its 50% off.
    Coupon Code = CITPGPLUS
    Unless anyone has any other free codes for it?

    • +2

      Don't buy it
      REDDITFREE2 works :D :D.

  • Thanks :)

  • Really appreciate the work OP. heads up, number 3, Productivity Mastery says its sold out.

    • Pls try with


  • Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration

    sold out….which I want most! :'(

    • +4

      Try coupon code:

    • Section 1:
      Solid Introduction to Penetration Testing.

  • These are great

  • +2

    For the Ethical Hacking one, also try coupons reddit-forever, reddit-hackers and theres-no-patch-for-human-stupidity.

    There's also a free try-to-hack-this setup for the course at http://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/1nkuyw/free_giveaw… (which is where I found the other coupons).

  • +1

    reddit-forever worked for the hacking one. thanks cjmac.

  • webdesy works for 1.SEO Crash Course for WordPress Users

  • +1

    Thanks to you guys our free coupons to the Udemy course "An Introduction to Lean and Agile - How to Enjoy Work More!" have all been used up. Wow, thanks for the response :) The free coupons to the course were all about challenging our common-knowledge ways of thinking in order to get more out of our busy lives. Sorry if you missed out but please go ahead and access this introductory course for 60% off for a limited time only or until they run out. Your 60% off coupon is Enjoy60offOz.

  • Coupon code reddit-forever is disabled by the instructor.

    Coupon code ender is sold out.

    No hacking for me I guess~~

  • For the "Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration" course all the codes listed are expired. However, try the code 'AMAZING' :) it still works.

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