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$15.95 T Shirt Sale, FREE SHIPPING, Arctic Tees, Cool, Ethical Tees


Arctic Tees sells cool, unique t-shirts at amazingly low prices. We're an ethical company that provides a charitable donation for each t-shirt you buy, and we're offering ozbargain customers free shipping.

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Arctic Tees
Arctic Tees

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    Goodluck with your new business - it's a jingle out there!

  • Just purchased "End of Time" T-Shirt. Will report when arrived. TY

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      does that indicate when you should get it?
      Maybe "End of Time" is a category of shipment (indicating when it should arrive)

  • Some nice designs.

    Tough market to break into. Good luck.

  • Would be great if you had a bit more information about the conditions the shirts are made in, preferably with reference to some kind of fair trade certification etc. I'm sorry to be cynical but it's hard to take your word with regards to the factory/non-factory origins, when there's really no detail about it.

  • +1 for charitable donation. And because of that, +1 in my T-shirts collection as well.

  • received my t-shirt today (was shipped express). Good Quality, Excellent all over.

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback. Thanks for the review, Sent. We're really glad you like the t-shirt :)

  • Hi Paddy, thanks for your feedback. We don't state anywhere on the website that our products are 'fair trade'. That doesn't mean they're not ethical though. As stated on the website, our manufacturer is a small family run business; they make the t-shirts and also print the graphics, and they run a very small scale operation (they only make a few thousand t-shirts in a month).
    We picked Thailand over China and Bangladesh to have our t-shirts manufactured because we didn't want suffering associated with our shirts, even though it is a lot more expensive to be manufactured there.
    We became very involved in the process of picking a manufacturer we felt morally comfortable with, going as far as to live in Thailand and study intensive Thai in order to communicate directly with the producers, rather than through a 3rd party, which would have been a lot less reliable.
    I've contacted the factory, asking them for further written information on their operation, and for some photographs, however, due to our limited Thai and their limited English sometimes communication can take a little while. However, we'll endeavour to put further information on the website when we can.

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