expired FREE Icing on The Cake and Gluten Free Recipe Booklets


CSR is offering two FREE recipe booklets - “The Icing on the Cake” and “Gluten Free Delights.”, To get your copy, follow the prompts onsite - you can obtain digital copies or hard copies for free.

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    All the recipes seem to be high in sugar…


      Well the product their pushing is sugar, so makes sense, don't really think CSR would ever do healthy cake recipes


    Darn I thought deal was free icing……

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    TY OP. Any Gluten Free bargains are appreciated by coeliacs and people they live with. Does anyone know if there a GF subscription?


    Oh jv. It is a pleasure. For what it's worth I'm an athiest first and a coeliac second. Science and all that. Coeliacs are people that actually need gluten free (not a lifestyle "choice") pay too much for food and drink with a premium for a gluten free label (even if something is naturally gluten free).


    Ordering a physical copy of the recipe book feels like a better deal than just downloading it haha

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    'FREE icing'

    I stopped reading there and clicked the deal. Was very disappointed. :'(