This was posted 10 years 7 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Pizza Hut Any Classics or Legends Pizza $5.95 Pickup Only. Expires 28/10/13


Similar deal to the $5.95 pickup deal from last month.

Works for both Legends and Classics range. 16 Large pizzas to choose from.


I found this deal by chance, the coupon just floated into my backyard this evening from someone's trash that had fallen over the kerb from the strong winds. :P

More delivery deals:

EDSCD7 - 1 Hot Dog stuffed crust Legends or Classic pizza + 1 Legends or Classic pizza + Garlic Bread + 1.25L drink = $27.95 DELIVERED. Valid till 28/10/13, online only.

EDMMD2 - 3 Large Classics or Legends Pizzas + 2 Garlic Breads + 1.25L Pepsi max = $29.95 DELIVERED. Valid till 28/10/13, online only.

Fine print says: Participating stores only, While stocks last. Not sure what the second part means here?

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    I got a pizza just floated into my backyard this evening from someone's

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      I found a pizza on the roof when I came home from work.At first I thought it was the great Heisenberg, but yea……. it could've been the wind.

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    in combination with pizza huts newly announced "free delivery over $25" this would be an awesome deal, i doubt we'll see such deals in the future from pizza hut though after the free delivery becomes active

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    I had that flyer last week. The code doesn't even work in the nearest Pizza Hut to me. It says participating stores only, but doesn't list which ones. The one nearest to me isn't a participating store.

    I got another flyer the week after, which is $6.95 and those codes don't work for me either.

    BTW, Hotdog stuffed crust is stupid.

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    This code was posted some weeks ago.

    It worked then but expired a while back. And it remains expired for any stores I've tried.

    • It says valid till 28/10.

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      Just change the last digit to 5,6.
      Pizzahut is too lazy to design new code.
      Sometimes ADLPP5,6 will work.

      • I tried using EDLPP6 and ADLPP6 but it seems as if when you add pizzas the price doesn't actually go down. Would the price reduction only happen after you click "Place your order" or does this actually not do anything?

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          Enter the code, click to redeem. Directly below the code box, you'll have selection of multiple pizzas tagged with $5.95. Select any of those "bundles" then you will have your pizza at reduced price. DO NOT select from the main pizza menu after code.

          Kinda tricky using their site. Took me 10 mins to figure that out last week. Mind you, I'm more of Dominos fan. :)

          Edit: I do love Pizza Hut, but not Oz's Pizza Hut. In some asian countries, their Pizza Hut served some exotic menus such as oven baked snails topped with mozzarella, or bruschetta with mayo & prawn.

        • Ah, no wonder it didn't work for me. Badly designed Pizza Hut. It used to work the same as Dominos which is much better.

          I used a VPN and gave them fake details (would have collected the pizza and paid for it if it went through at the discounted price) to test out if the price would get adjusted after placing the order. It didn't, so they have an unclaimed pizza ordered by someone in the Netherlands.

      • ADLPP6 is $6.95 a pizza as opposed to $5.95.

  • The codes didn't work at Sunshine West store. Must be really small number of participating stores. Never had this issue with Dominos.

  • Good marketing OP.

    • that was a pun.

      Get it?

      • Should I downvote you?

      • "that was a pun.

        Get it?"


  • None of the codes above worked so I tried ADLPP7 and got the Large Classic or Legends Pizzas (max 4) for $7.95 each deal.

  • Not valid for Parkdale VIC (3195)

  • Code does not work in Mowbray , Tasmania

  • Code didn't work online for the store I wanted so I phoned up instead. People who can't get through via the website, place a call over the phone and you might get lucky.

  • Despite apparently expiring on the 28th, I used it on the 29th without issue.

  • It still worked for me today..thanks

  • I just used it today, it still works :D

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