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Pentax K-5 II Body Only for $769 Including Delivery (Today Only) at Kogan Australia


Kogan Australia has free delivery today (today only) which effectively drops price of Pentax K-5 II body only to $769 including delivery (today only).
It has 12 months Kogan warranty.
I reckon it is the lowest price ever with Australian warranty.

CR Kennedy Australia has Pentax K-5 II body only for $1095 now + ~$10 delivery.

The K-5 II Digital SLR Camera from Pentax is a top-of-the-line APS-C DSLR camera. It offers a 16.3MP CMOS sensor with integrated Analog/Digital conversion circuitry for high resolution photos and video. And the K-5 II brings with it a new, highly advanced and extremely accurate 11 point SAFOX X autofocus system. This new autofocus system offers a wide EV focus range which means faster autofocus with less hunting in low-light situations and improved AF accuracy when using fast, wide-aperture lenses. The AF sensor also includes the Select-Area Expansion feature which automatically tracks moving subjects as they proceed across the frame.

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  • +3

    I love my Pentax, lenses are cheap due to in body image stabilisation, the dynamic range destroys the competition, this is a fantastic camera for the price. No other brand can match its features for the same price.

    Ignore the sheep that take advice from Harvey Norman on cameras.


    • Agreed. I bought a K-30 this year, fantastic camera. Just recently grabbed a ~30 year old manual nifty fifty to go with it (one of the Super-Tak's).

      Wonderful lens, terrific camera. This is a ripper deal for those not needing 35mm bodies.

    • I am a K-5 user and cannot be happier about it.

  • I don't have a DSLR but Pentax is great to get away from the Canikon duopoly. They make cameras with really good specs, and the build quality is outstanding along with being truly weather resistant (much better than Nikon ones). The Pentax K-3 is brilliant on paper.

    However, I think the D7000 might be a better buy over the K5 II. It's almost 100 bucks cheaper, the specs are quite similar. The D7000 has extra storage slot and would obviously offer a wider range of lenses.

    • the K-5II should be compared directly to a Nikon D7100 rather than the D7000

      • I made the comparison because of the price. The D7100 gets rather expensive. If someone is deciding between the D7100 and K5 II, I'd recommend the K5 II, spend the extra 400 bucks or so on a good piece of glass (low aperture and/or prime lens depending on the type of photography).

      • I think the K-3 should be compared to the D7100, K-5 IIs possibly could too (no AA filter).

        Not the standard K-5II.

        • Really? I'd compare k-5ii with the d7100 and the k-3 with the d300s

        • Well all the hardware is the same as the K-5 except for the LCD screen and Autofocus system, and the K-5 is comparable to the D7000.

        • hard to compare p with c and n, because pentax doesnt release new model as often as others.

        • Its hard to compare them directly. Pentax models usually overlaps features with other manufacture's models. There was a youtube video comparing Nikon D7100 and K-5 IIs


          it was quite funny.

          The difference between the k-5 II and IIs is the lack of anti aliasing filter on the IIs.
          If you are not sure what difference the anti aliasing filter makes, you should just get the K-5 II

  • where is the k-5 ii s

    i might get this 2nd hand, when k-3 start selling hopefully this will get cheaper again due people upgrade

    • You hardly can get a 2nd hand K-5ii in a good condition cheaper than $600 at least for a year or two.
      No warranty and high shutter count.
      Currently 2nd hand K-5 is still sold at $550 mark.

  • Do you reckon this will drop below $700 after the K-3 becomes widely available? Historically, what's been the lowest price drop of the outgoing flagship Pentax model?

  • I reckon k-5 never got cheaper than $670.
    k-5ii may get that low in a year or so.

  • The only area where Pentax do not shine is video.
    Most DSLRs do not do video too well anyway.
    For video you probably gonna be better off with Sony RX100.

    • +1

      except for the K-3. It finally does video like the other manufacturer.

      Not that I know what good video and bad video is. I cant take video for nuts and do not know how to cut and edit it if my life depended on it.

  • I got my camera a few days ago.
    I am really happy with it.
    Well done Kogan.

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