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$68 USD Mobius Full HD Dashcam/Sports Camera/Spycam 1080P + Free Shipping


Received an email today from Banggood which lists the Mobius dashcam at USD68.99. The Mobius and the SJ1000 are 2 of the most recommended dashcams for under $100 in the dashcamtalk store and it is cheaper than Mobius's own store which is selling it at USD79.95.

A detailed review of the unit can be found here:


Note I did find the same dashcam selling for the same price under their link for an eBay seller, so if you prefer eBay, that would work as well, but Banggood offers points with every purchase so that would be an advantage.

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    You may want to mention the price in the title man.

    it is cheaper than Mobius's own store which is selling it at USD79.95.

    Fake maybe?

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    I can vouch for these camera's pretty good preformance, for their price. Night time recording isn't quite as good, but still usable. I use 2 for my dash cam in my cars.
    Night: http://youtu.be/OqIjIsi9C9I
    Day: http://youtu.be/Nxakt0bEshs
    Please remember the YouTube quality is not the actual quality.
    Review: http://youtu.be/7wmIyD1fM4M

    I bought from eBay, but not this seller.

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      StrickenAza34. Excellent examples there mate. Cheers champ, excellent footage of the firefighters too!


        No worries bud, my video editing isn't top notch, but people get the idea. It does record Audio, but I have that feature turned off, thinking I can make better crash bang sound effects if and when I may need them.
        Any requests, let me know, been running it up and down the mountains daily, all the way to the M7, so could upload bright road light footage aswell.


      Oh and, support is really good for this, I had an issue connecting it to my computer thanks to XfastUSB, and got very fast replies after emailing ISOProp, who is the software developer.


    I would definitely rate the Mobius camera pretty high for day/ light video. Night is where it fails. For the money? Totally worth it. And also has the option for FPV with additional cable. Cam comes with a holder that can be attached to a tripod.


    Apparently it gets quite hot, 70C. Will it survive the summer temps?


      yes this is the biggest issue. I stuck a heatsync on it.


      Yep, the heat issue concern especially in Australian hot summer is what made me crossed this dashcam off my list.


      It does get really hot, but I have never had an issue with it over heating, I wouldn't place its heat sinks next to my jewels, but mounted on my windscreen, no issues.


        I had it switch on in my pocket. was wondering why it was getting so hot. found it was recording. Dont worry it can record in the dark in my pocket. ;). and my jewels are fine.


          I wouldn't want to comment on how "fine" your jewels are!
          But, those heat sinks get VERY hot behind my windscreen, while running in the afternoon, tried to point my Aircon vent towards it, but didn't reach that high… The heat sink idea above sounds good though…


    EBay digitele 888 or whatever posts express and took less than a week. My bang good order took 5 weeks.


    I can vouch for these camera's pretty good preformance, for their price.
    For the money? Totally worth it.

    Rave reviews from OzB users but hardly any votes?


      yup I didnt vote for it as i biught it a $1 cheaper from the actual ebay seller but more importantly they used some fancy secret to get Hong kong post and aus post to get it to me in a week from date of order


    This seems like the normal price. Its been $68.99 since July on ebay.

    Also check out http://www.techmoan.com/blog/2013/7/8/the-mobius-camera-the-...