Moving interstate!!! (Boxes required)

Hey there guys. I was kinda hoping if anyone could help me with some
advice, in regards to moving boxes. I will be moving from Brissy to
Pert at the end of November. I would like to start packing the house
up in the coming weeks. I have been on few websites, from which you
could buy combo packages for moving boxes. However does anybody know a
good alternative, from where I could source cheap but obviously durable

I think the main problem is, getting a card board box for my two 55inch LCD
TV's. Going through the normal channels, it would cost me about $70 for
one cardboard box. I have had a look at ebay and had no joy.

If anyone could provide some infinite wisdom, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Also if anyone has done a similar move, could you talk about your experience;
i.e. which movers to us (how did they rate), how to get 1 maybe 2 cars across.

Again thank you very much for any help.



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    Just moved. Got free boxes from bunnings, super cheap auto on their load day and a box and packing materials from an electrical store for electronics.

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    If you need to get one car across, you should just drive it across, cheapest way really.

  • Aldi will let you take as many empty boxes as you can find. Just find the "carding box" which is an enormous box on wheels - the staff wheel it around the store as they work. Grab out any you like - they only get crushed for recycling anyway.

    If you need pallets, electrical stores and printers usually have some to get rid of.

  • Why do you need to box a tv? Shouldn't your removalists protect/box it for you? You should only be boxing small items, not your furniture.

  • Go to your local pharmacy and ask them for boxes. They get their deliveries daily. The boxes have lids and handles. They're really awesome for moving homes.

  • Whenever I have moved houses, always went to the local market and asked for a whole bunch of boxes. They have a whole lot sitting around that only get crushed and recycled.

    Same with Woolworths and Coles, if you call them up and ask the produce department to save you some, they will.

  • KFC Chip Boxes are perfect for moving, just goes into your nearest one and ask them for it. For the TV boxes, goes to Bing Lee or JB ask for it.

  • there are some shops you can return the boxes that you bought and get cash for it. as I remember they will take 10% off

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    Sit back & get comfortable while i solve all of your first world problems.

    Normal Stuff

    The best boxes are the 'Bread Solutions' boxes from Coles - they're 40cm x 58cm x 27cm.
    They are strong, not too big, not too small, just right (think Goldilocks).
    Because they contained bread stuff, they are not covered in crap (like the old apple or tomato boxes - which are hard to get now anyway).
    They're even better than the 'removalist boxes' that you can buy.

    You should be able to get them from the bakery section, but you will almost certainly need to call them first & request that they keep them for you or they'll crush them. You will likely need to make several trips, and form a close loving relationship with those putting them aside for you.

    They pack flat - so when you resurrect them use packing tape from Bunnings or wherever.

    Being a consistent size makes it much easier to transport - several on top of each other on the trolley, packed on top of each other in the truck. Happy removalist guys are less likely to trash your stuff.

    It's only books that you may need to pack in smaller boxes due to their weight, plus maybe a few larger boxes for big stuff that won't otherwise fit.

    Use all your towels, sheets etc to fill the gaps in the boxes that otherwise won't fit anything, and to provide additional protection for anything valuable or breakable.

    If you're keen, number each of the boxes & keep a spreadsheet of the main (valuable) stuff that's in it. You may even want to take a photo of what's in each box before taping it up. This way if they manage to lose a box you'll have some idea as to what you've lost. Plus when you get to your destination you will be able to target boxes that you may wish to access first.

    All this assumes that your local Coles actually gets these boxes, and has a bakery section…

    More top tips

    If you have a filing cabinet, pull all the files out and pack them in the boxes (otherwise it will be too heavy), and put your valuable stuff in the filing cabinet then tape it up - no one is likely to steal that.

    Remove the handles from cupboards etc otherwise they might get torn off during transport.

    Can't help you with the car, but getting it trucked will likely make more sense than driving it from Bris to Perth (despite the comments above). You may be able to fill the car with crap (up to the base of the window) prior to trucking. Don't drive with a car full of crap - while you might normally survive rolling the car, it's the toaster that embeds in your skull during the roll that will take all the pleasure out of it.

    Re flat tv screens etc - somehow embedding them within cupboards (that should otherwise be empty) is perhaps the best way to try & protect them. Plenty of padding, strapped down if possible. Even if you have the original boxes (which you should use), getting them into something harder for protection makes plenty of sense. Hell, i always make plenty of sense.

    Yes, i've been here before, and only recently.

  • Have a look on gum tree for moving boxes. Lots of second hand TV boxes and other boxes on there from time to time and many are free.

    I did the Brisbane to Perth move recently and we moved our car using Corden Transport. It was about $1400 iirc and we were able to pack belongings in the back seats and boot below the windows. The cars arrived about a week before the rest of our things so we packed things like clothing, towels, sheets, a few plates, cups, cutlery, a toaster, kettle, etc in the car.

    Finding somewhere temporary and affordable to stay in perth was the hardest thing. If you don't have a home lined up for when you arrive definitely look into that ahead of time.

  • Check with bunnings, they have certain times for disposal where they crush them, you canget a good selection before that happens. Also buy your own separate moving insurance no matter what the removalist includes.

  • your local freecycle online group - very often I see proper moving boxes on offer, you always have to be quick - because they are free!
    google your city and freecycle and you should find it.

  • I'm now looking for boxes.
    I know that there's plenty in the JB HiFi dumpster, they don't even crush/break them down!
    Another source I've considered is to approach people who have either recently moved into the neighborhood (finished with their boxes) or just sold their house and about to move out (so will have some available boxes once they unpack into their new house).

  • I got all of mine from my local fruit shop - they have heaps of cardboard boxes - most of them are pretty tough as well (because you can't sell squashed fruit).

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