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[Steam] Spec Ops: The Line USD $7.48 (75% off)


I haven't played this game yet but I've heard many good things about the story (if not the gameplay)… anyway at this price I figured it's worth a punt!

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    excellent game bought for 7.50 a year or so a go it's probably been cheaper than this for awhile some where but still great game.

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    I really enjoyed this game, got it free on Plus and was blown away how good it was and how deep the story was. Goes to show that reviews are hard to go by some times.

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    this was such an amazing game… the ending omg..

  • +1

    This game is great. Definitely worth getting.

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    somewhat underated(by critics)… Definitely worth grabbing :)

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    Cheers guys, might have to grab this…another game i may or maynot play in my 190+ library on steam haha….sigh

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    the ultimate watercooler game.

    Gameplay is servicable, but the craftsmanship behind the narrative is nothing but immaculate. It's almost criminal how underrated this game is.

  • I bought this game for $2.50 (traded Mirrors Edge a year ago) but haven't played it yet, does look interesting though.

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