Expedia.com.br booking - charges not processed

Hi guys,

Got a QF booking I made for Expedia.com.br about a week ago. Everything went through fine and the itinerary shows as Confirmed on Expedia and QF site; but looks as though the hold charge for the ticketed amount wasn't processed and my available credit has gone back up.

I have a WBC card so cannot see pending transactions, only the differences in the available funds amount. The Expedia booking fee/charges are now showing up on the statement and the booking is still in my QFF and I've selected seats etc.

Anyone else have this happen with a booking?

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    I just booked a flight with .com.br - about an hour ago. I can see the two transactions already posted (one from expedia.com.br, and one from qantas sao paulo). Obviously havent settled, but they are there. My CC can have charges come and go - wait til tomorrow as I've have charges dissapear after a week, only to show up the next day fully settled.

    Without hy-jacking your thread - anyone know about checked bags with qantas flights booked on expedia.com.br? I'm flying return to Manila - is checked bags included? I cant see anything on Qantas website when I log into my booking about KG limit?

      • I read that, but it doesnt matter I cant see my baggage allowance in my bookings?

        I'm pretty sure you used to see your baggage allowance in your my bookings screen? This is what has made me question it.

        Just want to be sure (ideally from someone who has actually flown using this technique)

        • I have flown Qantas (booked through Expedia Brazil) between Melbourne and Singapore. The check in luggage was 20 or 23 kilos and carry on luggage. It is included in the price.

      • Confirmed with Qantas on the phone that its a 30kg allowance. Wooot!

        • Partnership with Emirates sure has its perks for QF travellers….

    • Do you mind me asking if you confirmed if it's a single piece of 30kg luggage, or two pieces?
      My grandma is coming from the US to Aus with qantas via an expedia.BR booking and like you, it's not on the booking page.
      Bit scared to call qantas in case they go waaaaaait a minute, this flight is too cheap!

      • i think it was 30kg allowance with no (reasonable) limit of the number of bags. So you could have 3x10kg bags, or 1x30kg bag. I can't be sure enough for your grandma to rely on it.

        I'd call them up and confirm… its your grandma after all!

        • Thanks :)
          I'll have to give it a go and hope I don't have a particularly watchful/vigilant qantas employee on the other end of the line

        • wait wait.. for US.. it is a different rules.. you can have up to 2 lugages each weighing up to 30 kilo.. (that is if your luggage can sustain 30 kilo)

  • I booked something through Agoda once and it just disappeared right off my online statement. I thought it had disappeared, but my booking remained. About a week later it magically returned.

    I think it may be that expedia or your bank did not settle it fast enough, so the bank hid it from your transactions and when it is settled, it will reappear. I called my bank when this happened to me (commbank) and they said that is most likely the reason.

    • When you book through Expedia they process the charge directly with Qantas, ie. they give Qantas your cc number to issue the ticket. Some banks have a delay between the pledge disappearing and the confirmed charge appearing. It might have something to do with the Amadeus reservation/ticketing system Qantas use as the same issue used to happen when Virgin used that system too.

  • Did your items appear on your online banking yet?
    I booked last week and I can see my Expedia reservation fee but nothing else though my flights are confirmed and I can see them when I log onto Qantas.

    • I flew several days ago and the charges have still not appeared. No issue with the flights, but made me quite nervous. I don't particularly like having this, wonder if more bookings will have issues or have a future red flag. Glad to see someone else has had the same issue.

  • Anyone used Expedia.com.br to book internal American flights?
    Are they the same as booking direct with airline in America?

    • of course..
      the loop hole is ONLY for qantas flight

  • Hi all had a go at LAX-NY Return.
    Now the site says R$998 but underneath in small print says all prices in British pounds?
    Is it in real or Pounds?
    Expedia booking fee is high too?
    The loop hole is?????

    • It's in Real
      THe booking fee is approx $50aud

  • I still haven't been charged on my credit card for my tickets. My expedia reservation charge has gone through, the tickets are still visible in Qantas 'My Bookings' but still no charge.
    It's making me mighty nervous + secretly hoping I never get charged :)

  • I still haven't been charged on my credit card for my tickets and it's been a month. My expedia reservation charge has gone through, the tickets are still visible in Qantas 'My Bookings' but still no charge.
    It's making me mighty nervous + secretly hoping I never get charged :)

  • Update on this.
    The Qantas Sao Paolo charges from the Expedia.br tickets I booked in late October have appeared on my credit card last week. I certainly feel much better now.
    5 tickets to Singapore return with Qantas for AUD $1024. Got to be happy with that :)

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      So you got 5 return tickets to Singapore from Australia for $1024? Which city are you from? what dates are you flying? Sounds too good to be true.

    • That's incredibly cheap. Please share details. Thanks

      • Not too good to be true and yes incredibly cheap.
        Perth to Singapore for 3 adults and 2 kids.
        April 10-20.
        I did a thread with details at the time - back in October - here it is https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/121333

  • Has anyone had this work recently? I've got my flights to Manila booked for April but the loophole seems to have closed for the past couple of months, as I've kept an eye on it and Expedia.com.br is just as expensive as qantas.com!

    • the loophole only works when there is a QANTAS SALE…

    • I've seen some cheapish Qantas Perth to Singapore for around $350 return on there but nothing like the bargain I got last year.