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PER to SIN RETURN Qantas in April 2014 on Expedia Brazil for BRL550 (AUD $260)


I know that you all know about the Brazillian Expedia loops but I had to share this one as I thought it was pretty darn exceptional for Qantas (I can't even get a Jetstar special this good)AND it's school holiday time.

**** NOTE: Single tickets are 616 Brazilian Real, my price is 550 as I have 3 adult tickets and 2 children tickets. ****

I found tickets 10 April PER-SIN and 20 April SIN-PER

Family of 5 (2 adults, one 14 yo so adult ticket and 2 children 5 and 7)

Grand total R$2.751,81 which is approximately $1322 AUD so approximately $260 each return or $130 one way. I have flown to Singapore many times on Jetstar for prices between $149-189 then baggage + food + blah blah and the flight from Perth is 00:30 and arrives at 05:30 and the whole family is suffering from the night flight. The Qantas flight is soothingly day time at 09:50.

Viajante 1: Adulto
R$497,69 .Voo R$246,98 Impostos e Taxas da companhia aérea R$0,00 AU R$115,12 WG R$12,91 WY R$62,66 SG R$35,13 OO R$14,12 OP R$10,77 ..
Viajante 2: Adulto
R$497,69 .Voo R$246,98 Impostos e Taxas da companhia aérea R$0,00 AU R$115,12 WG R$12,91 WY R$62,66 SG R$35,13 OO R$14,12 OP R$10,77 ..
Viajante 3: Criança
R$497,69 .Voo R$246,98 Impostos e Taxas da companhia aérea R$0,00 AU R$115,12 WG R$12,91 WY R$62,66 SG R$35,13 OO R$14,12 OP R$10,77 ..
Viajante 4: Criança
R$321,87 .Voo R$186,28 Impostos e Taxas da companhia aérea R$0,00 WG R$12,91 WY R$62,66 SG R$35,13 OO R$14,12 OP R$10,77 ..
Viajante 5: Criança
R$321,87 .Voo R$186,28 Impostos e Taxas da companhia aérea R$0,00 WG R$12,91 WY R$62,66 SG R$35,13 OO R$14,12 OP R$10,77 ..Taxa do cartão da companhia aérea R$0,00 .
Expedia Taxa de reserva

R$615,00 ..

Total: R$2.751,81

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  • Noo idea what all the numbers gibberish is, but seems OK?

  • I live in Sydney…. but all I can say is, WOW, cheap.

    Edit - standard for me… read the title, not the context… WOW retracted if you can't buy a single ticket.

  • +1

    When i click the link an error page comes up with some Portuguese. Not sure what it says

  • +4

    "I know that you all know about the Brazillian Expedia loops…"

    Can't say that I do. Puh-lease explain?

    • +3

      Expedia Brazil has different taxes allowable on flights. From recollection the main one is that they don't allow a fuel surcharge which Australia does. Generally airlines will bump up another surcharge for that site so that it isn't cheaper but occassionally ones slip through, especially if there is a sale. Qantas charge a hefty fuel surcharge.
      As a rule tickets leaving Australia must be booked in this country so that the appropriate govt taxes and surcharges are done but buying through Brazil Expedia gets around that.
      Buying tickets this way is not without risk but there has been quite a few Ozbargainers that have flown succesfully this way.
      I can see my itinery when I log into Qantas.

      • Ah, gotcha, thanks for the explanation.

      • +3

        I don't think there's a rule that a ticket leaving this country has to be bought in this country. It's all about fare conditions and where the airlines allow them to be sold.

        The Brazilian government doesn't allow airlines to charge a fuel surcharge and hence why the big price discrepancies compared to Australian prices. However these fares aren't always available as usually airlines sell tickets in a higher fare bucket in these situations to balance the loss of fuel surcharges by upping the base fare.

  • Site is down for maintenance. Coincidence?

    • You can still access it at https://www.expedia.com.br/

      I looked in January and the cheap flights were not available. They are available in July, though.

      Any idea of the available dates?

  • I search same date 10-4 to 20-4 but get R$616 ~ $295 AUD.
    Search a few different dates but cannot find fare at R$550.

    • Hmm so it probably came up with R$550 per person for me as I had 5 tickets in the search and 2 of those were kids. You are right it is R$616 for a single adult.
      Still a pretty good deal at around $150 each way for full service and QFF points.

  • +23

    Use this to find the cheapest dates : ITA Software by Google: Matrix Airfare Search, select "See calendar of lowest fares", "Currency: AUD" and "Sales City: Barreiras, Brazil". Flights from Melbourne to Singapore for $440 return in July.

    • +1

      nice find - thanks for that.
      Pity it doesn't sell you the ticket.

      Apart from Brazil, Ireland, Netherlands, what other countries tend to have cheap Qantas flights?
      Is it related to Qantas' partner airlines trying to flog their seat allocation?

      • +1

        It's to do with govt surchages allowable in those countries. Australia has high fuel surcharges and other countries have different taxes imposed on their tickets.

        • So the cheapness of these tickets are from effectively 'avoiding' these taxes, this sounds like a very grey area…

        • +1

          You're avoiding no taxes at all as the standard departure and government taxes are still paid, you're only avoiding the fuel surcharges imposed by the airlines and possibly circumnavigating fare conditions like "only to be sold in region blah blah blah" but in that instance the tickets are technically sold in region blah blah blah, so it is a grey area but not because you're avoiding taxes.

          The taxes charged to a ticket are dependent on which airports you're leaving and landing at. Country of sale is irrespective of these taxes, local taxes may be charged on top though.

    • Hi thats cool, but where can you get the tickets from? it says at the bottom to bring the booking code to a travel agent. would they even give you the tickets for those prices? Cheers

    • that's a very handy ozbargainer link…thanks heaps.

    • does this show the price in Brazilian currency or Australian $$$

      I got a price of 8550… and I presume this is not AU $ as this is what will cost me if I had booked in biz class rather than economy.

    • -1

      Will anyone price match the ITA software airfare.

    • Then how do you purchase these fares?

    • great link. made searching for tickets much easier.
      thanks for that.

      on a side note, strangely, i got mine for $290 return but the ITA site showed $240.

  • +1

    sydney-singapore also $430ish in June

    • +1

      & Melb…I notices it's around $540rtn over next year's super holiday week (Easter->Anazc)

      • +2

        Too bad they had booking fee of around R$150 which means you will have to pay around A$530 ish.

  • wish I could find cheap flights to bali return from sydney for november

  • -1

    Nvm lol

  • +1

    Used Brazil expedia for a deal a few months ago, got Adelaide to London return for $1068, so good!

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    I'm getting ~R$722 (return) for 19 April PER - SIN 27 April. That's about A$350. Very tempting.

  • +1

    Great deal. Found flights at the end of March, return a week later (early April) for AU$297.

  • Anyone know if the dates are changeable after the booking has been confirmed?

    • +1

      These are most likely the most restrictive fare bucket tickets. If changes were permitted id say their is a fee involved PLUS the fare difference

    • IIRC when I called Qantas previously it's a $150 change fee, and it needs to be arranged through Expedia Brazil. Você fala Português?

  • Im currently in the uk thanks to the last expedia br deal ($1000 rtn) I had to change the return dateand to do that via qantas I had to have started the trip and called them abroad. Costed $150.And £20 for some service fee.

  • is there any way to translate the page to English? Don't want to fill in the wrong details when purchasing!

    • If you use Google Chrome you can translate. The site is pretty much the same as all other Expedia ones though so I was able to get through it without translation.

  • SYD - BKK 1-14 Sep 2014, R$1.251 = $604.55

    • +1

      PER - BKK 15-27 July 2014 , approx $450 pax
      Hmmm I could do Singapore in April School holidays and Phuket in July school hols
      With my eldest now in Year 10 I can't take the kids out during term time anymore for a cheap holiday so bargains are COMPULSORY!

      • Plus for you for responsible parenting!

  • Did anyone have trouble with inputting credit card details into the Expedia Brazil page? Message keeps coming up as debit card. If I cant pay by Credit card, what method do I have?

    • I've read that if you contact your bank and explain the transaction to them, they can let it through.

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