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Venom Protein 20% Any 8kg Purchase - WPC $160.33, WPI $208.43, Casein $136.28 Inc. Delivery


20% off ANY 8KG whey purchase.

Deal Expires: Midnight 31/10/2013

Price breakdown as follows:

8KG of WPC for $160.33 — $20.04125 per/Kg
8KG of WPI for $208.43 — $26.05375 per/Kg
8KG of Casein (Night-time Protein) $136.28 — $17.035 per/Kg
8KG of Mass Gainer $112.24 — $14.0 per/Kg

All 8Kg lots include delivery + 2 free shakers (1 free shaker per 4Kg lot).

How to Order:
1. Select ANY 8Kg of whey protein
2. Apply the coupon DEADLIFT to your shopping cart.
3. Proceed through checkout

Q. Can I mix and match?
A. Yes you can. As long as they're in 4kg lots. For example you can order 4KG of Mass Gainer and 4 x 1KG of WPI.

Q. Can I select night time protein?
A. Yes you can select WPC, WPI, Night time Protien and Mass Gainers

Q. Do I still get my free shakers?
A. Yes you do

Q. Can I use other coupons with this offer?
A. No you can't

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  • +2 votes

    Not the cheapest they've sold protein for but not bad. Few comments:

    • Free shaker is useless and leaks, throw it out the second you get it
    • Unflavoured protein mixes like cement but tastes fine if you don't mind scraping it off your teeth
    • Unflavoured WPI protein is quoted at 93% and appears to be close to that after testing using reagent kit

      The old shakers they used to send out were great, standard big size and no leaks. The new ones are much smaller and have separate compartments etc, useless for me. I cant comment on them leaking having not ever used them.


      Ordered WPI from venom a few months ago, agreed shaker leaks, doesnt mix well, clumps up badly, only mixing in water it dissolves but tastes horrible, only good thing was their free sample pudding


        Agree with you completely. Shaker mysteriously leaks (seriously I don't know where its leaking from). Apart from Vanilla, most other flavours (Chocolate, Caramel, Rocky Road) have been hard to mix and the strainer part of the shaker is pointless…


    Has anyone tested them using the BN reagents kit? I can't seem to find anything on the forums regarding Venom. I currently use Venom WPI, would give me some peace of mind if someone's tested it and its fine.

  • +1 vote

    Venom turned out to be one of the good guys according to the reagent kit (by good meaning truthful to their label).


    To add to comments already posted, venom protein mixes horribly with water. I purchased chocolate, rocky road, cookies and cream and caramel. Each of them were so bad in taste that I had to buy Max's protein and mix them to make it bearable. I would never purchase again (just my opinion)


    ive got the chocolate and banana wpc

    i think chocolate taste normal….like doesnt taste like real chocolate, but doesnt taste bad. not bad

    banana is the bomb. i mix 200 to 250ml water (preferably 200) and it taste like a fucking banana milkshake

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