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WOWHD ALL Games 20% in November


WOWHD (http://www.wowhd.com.au/) ALL Games 20% in November
20% discount even works for pre-order games

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  • Looks like they need to generate some funds to get out of financial strife again

    • haha, that would explain why they took my money and just held onto it for several months. I hope you enjoyed whatever interest you made at my expense, guys.

      DO NOT PRE-ORDER ANYTHING FROM CD WOW, stuff that's 'in stock' can already take about 4 weeks to get delivered. They charge the full amount up front and they do not secure their stock beforehand & allocate accordingly before putting up preorders, they will take your money for stock they will never get.

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    im sure these sale prices are the same as the regular price

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    such sale
    many savings

  • News Just In! Zavvi are having a Mega Sale on Monday with up to 80% off!!!

    • just like every monday

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        lol, that went right over your head didn't it?

        Perhaps /s may have helped.

        • lol nice one beakeroo :)

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        I believe it was a joke as in he's stating that WoW HD have 20% off all games nearly 50% of the time.

  • Got F1 2013 from WOW HD the other Day they sent it from China its a .com.au with shipping as Standard Delivery within Australia as the shipping option so I thought it was coming from Australia but it came from china.

  • $46.36 for The Last of Us seems alright, has anyone seen it cheaper?

    • ozgameshop have it for $46 delivered, so its comes down to preference and a $2 delivery fee

    • Video Ezy had it for $42 + 2 shipping
      there was that play-asia fiasco where they had it for $30.

      and I also recently JUST MISSED an ebay listing, shop with a rating of 18 000 were selling 5 brand new EU copies for $15, freaking crazy.

      If you really want it new, grab it from ozgameshop since their delivery times are generally much better, or try and price-match at your local EB or JB.

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