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The Iconic - 50% off Selected Spurr Summer Sandals (from $15), Free Shipping over $50


The iconic is offering 50% off selected Spurr summer sandals. The coupon code seems to only work for the ones that are not already on sale.

Free overnight shipping on orders over $50, otherwise it's $7.95.

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$20 off for the referee ($99 minimum spend), and $20 credit for the referrer.

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  • -2

    $7.95 for shipping under $50 so not worth it

    • +1

      Well, the smart thing to do is buy $50+ worth of items.. then return the ones you don't need (since its free returns anyway).

      • Sorry was not meant to neg this but missed the+ plus button on my tiny phone keyboard and now don't seem to be able to un-neg this anymore. Sorry!

        • +1

          You commented that its not worth it then tried to pos vote it… Why don't I believe you?

        • I've removed the negative vote for you.

        • I wanted to positive vote 'cheekie's comment regarding returns! Not the deal. The deal is not that great (and oz bargainers appear to agree with me as deal has only 2 votes) but cheekies buy over 50 and then return whatever to get free shipping is clever so that deserved the plus 1. Now on desktop and trying to +1 cheekie's comment but it's not working.

        • Sorry for misunderstanding you. Unfortunately I can't re-instate the revoked negative vote on the deal. I've revoked your negative vote on cheeky's comment but unfortunately I don't think you can vote positive on it, it's a system limitation.

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