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Sennheiser X320 Xbox Headset £20.98 (AUD $36) Delivered from The Hut


Special promotion for Sennheiser X320 Xbox headset from The Hut today (until 26 Nov or until soldout). Original price = £29.99. Use coupon code SENN10 to get 10 pounds off. Add £0.99 for postage = £20.98 (~AUD $36) delivered. A bit of description taken from the site:

Up your Xbox 360 game audio with the Sennheiser X320 Stereo Headphones. Not only does it feature Sennheiser's superb sound, it also includes a dual volume control and high comfort for Xbox Live gaming. Built-in stereo speakers are in the Sennheiser-patented CircleFlex system, this means the ear pads can swivel around their base to adjust to your ears and head. The X320 are incredibly comfortable, so they're perfect for long gaming sessions.

The X320 outputs incredible Sennheiser sound with its low-noise amplifier. This ensure you hear a high level of detail in any game's soundscape with a high level of clarity. There's also bass boost for bringing out the powerful sound in your games. The noise cancelling microphone reduces ambient noise and is highly sensitive.

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  • I don't play games but I am wondering why do you need a headset for a gaming console. What is the use of the microphone?

    • Verbal communication with other players. And certain games (Binary Domain) support user voice commands.

    • So you can talk with other gamers online over the internet

    • Headset to keep the sound to yourself, mic for online voice chat

  • Tempting. Must resist….
    Headsets… Batteries…Torches…

  • SENN10 doesn't work

  • Oh, ok. Thanks

  • Code is invalid.

  • Sooooo… has anyone actually managed to purchase this using the code?

  • Was working when I tested it yesterday morning it was working. However it's an international site and 33% off would get a lot of sales from US/UK as well. I guess it's expired now.

  • +1

    Hey the SEnn10 works now, i think it took a while before they activated the offer

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