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Thanks for the tip I have pg2 in US11, so I went the same in PB. Can always return if the sizing is incorrect.
19/03/2019 - 16:59
Thanks, time to go hunting the outlets
05/12/2018 - 16:00
Pureboost from this post looks like DPR versions. The link Yaren24 provided is for regular Pureboost. Can rep confirm which version are...
05/12/2018 - 15:50
Some vehicles have an additional power outlet in the rear or boot. Otherwise you may need to safely piggy back off another power source.
28/11/2018 - 16:18
Used adam Mine: https://wn.nr/S2p8hX
15/10/2018 - 23:07
Used erland Mine: https://wn.nr/sdnPDL
15/10/2018 - 23:00
Used jamman Mine: https://wn.nr/ZTKkRq
15/10/2018 - 22:27
Used Spartan17 Mine https://wn.nr/gmGZNU
15/10/2018 - 19:02
I couldn't find a return ticket for the dates I was searching. Checked October-November thru Skyscanner and found Syd-Ath return under $848...
10/07/2018 - 14:56
Depends on the feel you prefer. *Response boost has less amount of boost in the forefoot for better ground feel, has more synthetic...
02/07/2018 - 15:44
2nd gen filters and roller brush are interchangeable with 1st gen. I believe 2nd gen hepa filter is washable whereas 1st gen is not.
16/01/2018 - 22:06
From the user manual (pdf) Specification Input: 18V (DC) or 230-240V (AC) No Load Speed: 16,000/min Max Pressure: 160PSI (11Bar) Flow Rate:...
11/01/2018 - 12:41
used pfaftle, here's mine: https://wn.nr/kM3rqh
03/07/2017 - 10:56
Used chadiwrx Mine: https://wn.nr/yXKF7D
16/05/2017 - 10:07
Used theantic's mine: https://wn.nr/SRsMYL
15/05/2017 - 09:42
Different design in cooling fans. OP's is windforce cooling, your link has reference design.
03/05/2017 - 12:44
I have found that Esun filament gives off some sort of fume/smell when I was printing with PLA. Was a bit of a nuisance and bothersome as...
05/04/2017 - 16:28
From memory it took a few days to process. Have you tried to contact the seller?
01/03/2017 - 11:58
28/02/2017 - 10:33
I purchased from the seller greencomet linked and can confirm it is the international version. Paid extra for DHL express and got it within...
27/02/2017 - 11:08
I have a 3d printer, Sydney based too. PM me
25/01/2017 - 11:08
Yep they don't honour. Was offered an alternative - Dinner Box (10 pieces chicken, 2 large chips for $19.95) which I believe is not listed...
03/01/2017 - 15:01
I think the largest pack serving I have seen is ~350g for 7D.
31/10/2016 - 17:58
7D brand (product of Phillipines) is quite nice and can be found in Asian supermarkets/grocers as well as some 'Adam's Apple' stores - but...
31/10/2016 - 17:01
Used xhiver's link. Here's mine: http://gvwy.io/fphzdoa
18/10/2016 - 15:40
Did you have to change apn settings with each new country or is it automatically adjusted?
29/09/2016 - 12:42