Officeworks Price Match Policy

I was on the market for a scanner and saw one at CPL for $249 and asked OW to price match. I called OW in the morning and they said to me "Because the warranty of the scanner isn't an AU manufacturer's warranty, they can't price match"

Then a friend calls up the same number 30 minutes later (with the knowledge I gave) and says "CPL offers the same scanner you do for $249. Also, their warranty is an australian repair warranty (which is technically true). Can you price match?" And after some keying in and all that, my friend gets it for the discounted price + the 5% price beat.

Both operators went to the CPL site and looked up the warranty details.

Has anyone else has this experience? I think this is truly dodgy and that their policy seems to be totally discretionary. If you're nice to the operator and really friendly with them, you'll get the beat. However, if you're to-the-point and business-like like me, you won't get it. Totally confusing!!!

I would like this thread to be a set of reasons when looking at products, so you have a greater chance of scoring a price beat with OW. Not interested in bashing OW, only interested in getting tips so, next time someone gets rejected for a price match, we have tips and points to help them out.

So to start, my tips are:

  • Be friendly to the operator
  • State the warranty for the product is AU
  • If all fails, get a friend to call and state that the warranty is AU (which counters the reason why I was rejected)

Has anyone been rejected by a price-beat? If so, can you state the reason why? Also, if you did get a price beat, did you need to argue? If so, what points did you use to get the price beat?


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    What items are excluded from the LPG?
    Non identical products and services (inclusive of non identical warranties)

    Assuming your item is an grey import, than the above applies, no?

    It seems the operator made a mistake allowing the price match for your friend. If you have something you're not 100% sure on, call the head office on 1300 OFFICE (633 423) and confirm there prior to heading into the store. Surely if the head office confirm a legitimate price match then the store will follow suite.

    I've not had dramas price matching things and I do it fairly regularly from both online and brick'n'mortar stores.

    • Thanks for the most helpful head office tip!

  • experience vary greatly. if you are lucky you'll get some casual who don't really care about what they are PMing, but usually they come up with various kinds of excuses. Not even grey imports.. but crap like "their delivery quoted time is 3-5 days while ours is 2-3 days"

  • YMMV depending on the person you talk to about price matching. They seem to work from memory about the policy and if they lack practice then they will forget smaller details. I did a price match against PC Case Gear and the woman did not add in the PCCG delivery charges. These, at the time, were not the cheapest around so I was grinning when I got the goods.

  • Usually they are trying to avoid price matching what ever reason they found

  • Had the same experience recently with 2 Companies regarding Kitchenaid Mixer for wifes birthday.
    They both said because the Australian distributor had not sold the mixer to Costco that the warranty would not be honoured.
    Complete crap,so I bought from Costco.
    So much for trying to buy from Aussie companies.

  • I showed them once an item in Office National's catalog asking for a price match. After 10 minutes mucking around with 2 staff and a queue building behind me, they declared, "But this isn't our catalog".

    So I give up. I find it's worth more paying extra to get out of there as quick as possible.

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