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Lenovo Cyber Monday Sale - ThinkPad Yoga from $1,099 and Edge E540 Full HD from $633.60


Lenovo is having a Cyber Monday sale starting today. Coupon code CYBERSALE get you 5% - 30% off ThinkPad / ThinkCentre.

Product Min Spend Discount
ThinkPad $599 5%
ThinkPad $700 10%
ThinkPad $1300 15%
ThinkPad $2,000 20%
ThinkPad $3,000 30%
ThinkCentre $700 10%
ThinkCentre $1,600 20%
ThinkCentre $2,200 30%
ThinkStation $0 10%
ThinkStation $1,600 20%
ThinkStation $3,000 30%
ThinkServer $1,500 15%
ThinkServer $2,200 20%

This includes their latest gen models — T440/T440s, X240, E440/E540, ThinkPad Yoga, etc, but does not include IdeaTab and Yoga Tablet models. Their new ThinkPad Yoga starts at $1,099 after discount, although most would upgrade to Full HD + WACOM digitiser. E540 also provides a cheap Full HD laptop starting $633.60 (after Full HD upgrade).

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2013

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  • +$132 for the FHD and wacom option on the ThinkPad Yoga. How much difference does i3 to i5 make? (+$99)

    • To me all the latest gen CPUs are "fast enough" but YMMV depending on what you intend to do.

  • similar price with 20/11 (last wendesday)

    • I was browsing the ThinkPad Yoga the other day, saw $1,299.00 and thought it was a bit high for the bare bones base model. 1.3k is probably the most I'd pay for a laptop. ~1.2k for the i3 model and FHD (w/ Wacom stylus) isn't too bad.

  • -1

    omg do these guys ever give up, lest we forget.

    • +3

      No Love

  • Why isn't the Yoga 2 out in AU yet. Bloody annoying.

    • You'll find that there are a lot of IdeaPad models missing in Australia. No idea what Lenovo is thinking, as IdeaPad are usually where the real innovation goes (comparing to more conservative ThinkPad). Maybe the Lenovo brand is more associated with boring business machines here, rather than flashy latest tech (where you'll think Apple, Asus, Samsung, Sony laptops).

  • +2

    Would rather buy 100 tacos down at the Taco Hut than deal with Lenovo again.

  • The % off is slightly higher than the table above, at least for my order of a T440s.

    From $2,236.50 to $1,704.74, which was a 23.8% discount.

    I noticed also that due to the higher discount, the T400s with the 1080p touch screen is actually cheaper than the 1600 x 900 model, which is normally cheaper.

    And it still includes the bonus crappy IdeaTab A1000l tablet, nice to have I suppose.

  • Not bad. The i5 E540 comes to $722.70 but it was cheaper during Lenovo click frenzy sale last week http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/123373