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Lenovo Click Frenzy Sale, ThinkPad Yogas 27% off


Awesome savings on the new Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga and a range of other Lenovo notebooks and tablets.

Sale ends tomorrow so get in quick!

  • ThinkPad EDGE E540 $649 (i5-4200M, 4GB, 500GB, 15.6")
  • ThinkPad Yoga $1099 (i3-4010U, 4GB, 500GB, 12.5")
  • ThinkPad X240 $1299 (i5-4200U, 4GB, 500GB, 12.5")
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon 1599 (i7-3667U, 8GB, 128GB SSD, 14.0" 1600x900)
  • ThinkPad T440s Touch $1799 (i7-4600U, 4GB, 256GB SSD, 14.0" Full HD)
This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2013

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  • +1

    If only they had the Yoga 2 Pro in the Australian store… :(

    • Coming soon but seems to take ages. Waiting for it as well.

    • If the Yoga 2 Pro had a Wacom Digitizer option it would be sweet

    • +2

      Personally I would prefer ThinkPad Yoga than IdeaPad Yoga 2 — better keyboard, nipple mouse and keys retracted & locked in position while in tablet mode. Full HD is also an option but pricy :(

      • Ahhh… was confused about that! Didn't realise they had expanded it to be both ThinkPad and IdeaPad…

      • Full HD IPS is only $55. I'm looking at speccing up the TP Yoga now. You can get the i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and full HD screen (no digitizer pen) for a shade under $1300.

        • Yeah that sounds like a better deal than X240.

    • Thinkpad yoga has stylus, I think the Thinkpad brand is more reliable than ideapad.

      Will there be the new X1 carbon with haswell?

  • Very keen to get a Thinkpad Yoga but they are so new there are no reviews. Always difficult to commit.

    • Yeah same here. The 14 day free returns is handy

  • +2

    where's all the lenovo hate gone? How quickly we forget…. :'(

    • Money makes people forget things extremely quickly.
      Nothing gets in the way of a bargain!

    • i simply don't vote, that's all

    • +2

      Not everyone participated. Some people smelt the price error miles away so they didn't even venture in there to avoid the disappointment and hatred later.

  • Does the discount apply to Thinkpad Yoga's only or the entire Thinkpad range?

  • Looks like the Thinkpad Yoga is the successor to the X230T … Or is there an X240T coming?

    I need to know what to order for my new work laptop next year.

  • I've been looking for a cheap full HD laptop. Is the E540 with FHD option at $696.65 currently the cheapest deal?