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BWS Beer of the Month - SAPPORO - $10 a six pack


BWS Beer of the Month - SAPPORO - $10 a six pack

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BWS - Beer Wine Spirits
BWS - Beer Wine Spirits

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  • Not a bad drop. Might pop into my local to get some!

  • Good price

    It's the weekend in 15 minutes for me - I think that I will drop in a get some on the way home.

    Edit: It's now 3 hours and 2 beers later - I rate this as a good beer

  • Definitely get 1

  • what kind of taste does sapporo have?
    is it similar to heinekin or pure blonde?

    • It's not as dry as Kirin and Asahi, which why I love it. Prefer the more mellow taste of Sapporo. At $10 a 6-pack give it a try!

  • yeah I will, just need to find the nearest BWS lol

  • Were marked as $18 at my local one though maybe they just hadnt put the price tags up yet.

    • It's a coupon, so your meant to print it and bring it in store so they can scan it,

      good saving of $8 though :)

      • heh, thats what you get for not actually clicking on the link I guess. wish i had realised that before heading off to the bottleshop though. :(

  • +1

    good post mate, Japanese beer is awesome!

  • thank you for sharing, heading off to the bottle shop now!

  • Great beer, the silver cans are usually $9 EACH.

    • not wrong drinking one now, its a giant tin but, not a can.

      • This thread is making me thirsty.

  • Does not work at all BWS's

    Just printed this off and tried it at the one in Surfers Paradise and was greeted with "Sorry this does not work here". There are no terms or conditions listed so i will be alot of noise about this.

  • Should work at any "EASI" store - Any store that has the same POS system as Safeway/Woolies.

    If they have the old non touchscreen tills then they'll have to manually setup the special in their system, then enter a code to use it each time - And they're probably too lazy to do that.

  • Worked at BWS Brunswick Street, New Farm.

  • Oh good work, adelaide! Will pick up a pack later today!

  • Works at BWS Jingellic Dr, Buderim Qld. Coupon scanned at $0.01 indicating to the attendant that a special catergory had been selected. The scan of the 6 pack was subsequently $10.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  • just bought a 6 pack from the wallsend BWS.

    tried to buy 2 but the lady said that u have to print one off for each pack, and told me to print off another one and come back 2moro.
    so if u want to buy more than one print off the same amount of coupons. =)

  • Got some now. Not too bad. I like how the image is very Japanese, it says that it's Japan's oldest brand, it has IMPORTED in big letters at the bottom, but then when you look closely it reads "Product of Canada". Still tasty and not bad at $10!

    • WOW, it is made in CANADA!!!!!!

      Good spot Marlboro Man ;-)

      Still tastes great!

    • Yeah the bottles are brewed in Canada. The good Sapporo (in the massive tins) tend to be Cananda and Japan brews, taste much better but 1 tin alone is almost $10!

      • yeah got my tin the other night from Dans $8.99 for 650mL. Brewed in Ontario Canada. so much for being Japanese, heh

        • The tins sell for $13.50 at my local restaurant !!!

        • Yeah it sucks that the aussie get the Canada brew. But the tin's are apparently 'draught' while the bottles are regular brew. definitely a noticeable difference in taste. The one thing I hate about the tin is that it gets warm by the time you get to last parts of it (being so big and all).

  • +1

    Dan Murphy's will also accept these vouchers - suits me as I've a nearby Dan's but no BWS. Brilliant - a month of Sapporro!

    • Nice find mate.

  • I thought I'll mention that it's a saving of $8. Thanks adelaide!

  • just picked up a 6 pack yesterday, will get some more before the offer expires. thanks!

  • from 3 jpnese beer kirin asahi sapporo, sapporo is the best!

  • Ahh memories.. was snowboarding in Japan earlier this year.. man would I love to go back.

    Anyone know if I can take in 4 of these vouchers and get a carton for $40?

    • tried that at BWS Toowong Village
      Got rejected
      You can only use 1 each time I think , at least thats what the lady told me