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Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage 2.5kg $35.39


Buy one get one free! Adult Vantage helps condition your dog for life, with quality animal proteins such as chicken meal and whitefish meal, which aid in building and maintaining your dogs lean muscle mass. Formulated with high-quality ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, Adult Vantage provides excellent digestibility and nutrient absorption.

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  • This is great food for dogs. Highly recommended

  • At over $14 a kilo, that's about the most expensive dry dog food I've ever seen.

    So the "saving" is you get 2 bags for the price of one… but who in their right mind would ever buy 1x 2.5kg bag for $35?!?!

    I buy my dogs Eukanuba, which isnt cheap at about $7-8 a kilo. But compared to the above…. its a dead set bargain. No way I'm paying $14 a kilo for dry dog food.

    Main ingredient is CHICKEN in Eukanuba. It's not listed as "Chicken and Chicken Meal" which a lot of cheaper foods do (which is very misleading). Big difference. It's got to say "Chicken" on its own.

    Btw… you know real actual chicken (ie chicken wings or drumsticks) is about $10 a kilo right? Even cheaper if you buy in bulk.

    Edited: Just did a quick google search on ingredients for this one, and what do you know…. "chicken meal".

    Avoid. Neg.

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      Meal is the meat with the moisture taken out, it is a higher grade ingredient than 'meat'. The protein content in meal is much greater.

      I haven't tried Earthborn but have heard great reviews, it tends to be bought by those who go into a lot of research about what they feed their dogs ie agility, performance and show dogs.

      Sorry, just wanted to make sure anybody who read this isn't mislead by the above incorrect post.