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Dan Murphy's FREE SHIPPING Coupon Code


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Long time lurker, first time posting.

Free shipping coupon for Dan Murphy's.
I tried it with a 4 pack of cider and it worked, so hopefully it should work for everything else.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    You beat me to this post by 2 minutes, so you deserve a +ve vote just for that. Well done, and welcome.

  • Interesting it worked on cider. Doubt it would work with just a slab of beer, probably need single bottles. Any good specials from DM this week?

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      I tried again, once with a slab of beer only, once with a slab of beer + bottle of white wine and once with a slab of beer + slab of cider.

      This coupon gives total free delivery so long as you have something else in your cart along with the beer. :)

      EDIT: Example


      1 xCorona Beer (case) $47.95
      1 xMcGuigan Black Label Shiraz 187ml (bottle) $2.99
      Subtotal (inc GST)$50.94
      Delivery discount-$14.00

      • I just bought a slab of Strongbow (cider) and didn't need anything else.

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    Is this just for metro? I'm in regional qld and it shows $12 delivery even with code attached.

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    Only works for metro areas :(

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    Here's a link to Dan Murphy's for anyone too lazy to google :p

    • thanks man rofl.

  • I just used this code to buy the Johnnie Walker Black Label deal from the other day, thanks!

  • Yep metro only. :(

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    Just FYI the code doesn't kick in until the very last page of the checkout process.

    • Thanks.

  • $12.95 each for Oyster bay sav blanc delivered (when buying 6) -nice price

    • 6 for 60 at my local every day price ;)

  • Finally, I get to have the delicious cider I've been craving but couldn't find locally. Cheers to that!

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    Thanks but, after last time of waiting around for almost a week with the courier claiming on multiple occasions they had tried to deliver it, even though I was at the delivery location every time they claim. I'll stick to either the click and collect or in-store.

    Only when I asked them to leave proof of attempted delivery, did I get the order.

    • I did click & collect when I first time shopped from them online. I ordered a pack of beer but got a case in store. Realised it in the car park and returned the bonus 3 packs.

  • Thanks for that
    xmas cheer on its way

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      you got stung with postage because you're an idiot, not because the OP didn't include it in the original.

      • no need to be a nasty pasty

      • He's not an idiot, the DM checkout process is borked. It keeps saying it will apply the promo voucher all the way through the shipping process. I had the same problem and called to cancel - the rep agreed it had changed and would pass the comment on that it wasn't obvious when redeeming the voucher.

      • Why does that make me an idiot, you fool. I didn't pay postage, it was for others who might get burned. But a fool like you wouldn't understand that.

  • been a while and can't even remember beer prices.

    wht do you guys think of the Corona's ($47.95)and Crown lager ($49.99)? decent or should I check woolies and LL?

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      Reckon you're better with something like a James Squire 150 lashes for that price. Unlike Corona, it's local, and unlike Crown, it's better than glorified Foster's.

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        James Squire is owned by Lion Nathan who is owned by Kirin Brewery Company who are Japanese

    • Seems to be the standard price for both

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    Case of Imported Beck's for $37.95. Isn't available in 6 packs.


  • No free shipping to Tasmania ;(

    • Are there Dan Murphy's stores in Tassie?

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        Closest store to Hobart is located in Traralgon, VIC

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    Another freeshipping code expire 10 Dec when paid with paypal

    • I used this one without any problems :) Beer and two wine. Yay!

  • Thank you so much for this. Can't drive at the moment and facing a big vets bill, so every little helps.

  • not working at all for me just refreshes the page ? ACT delivery

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      Ok I added a cheap clean skin wine and it worked yahhhs !

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        Has anybody ever drunk one of those cleanskins? I bought one the other day, a cabernet merlot for $2.99 - so dodgy the label was more like an industrial one - purely to fill a decanter in the living room.

        I suppose you can make sangria out of it?

  • Just used for Johnny Walker Black Label for $37.70 thanks to another Ozbargain. Thanks OP.

  • Do you get Everyday Rewards points with Dan Murphy's?

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      yes if you spend over $30

      • Serious? I've never been giving the code because I figured I was handing them free data, there never says anything about earning poitns there.

        • I dont believe you do receive points there. I went lastnight and each staff member said no.

  • Anyone noticed that cashback rates seem very high at the moment? Makes the deal even better!

    • Ahhh I totally forgot about cashback! I have brought shame to ozbargain.