Can you claim winning scratchies from one state in another state? i.e From NSW in QLD?

Strange question - I want to send our Melb and Bris office scratchies for Christmas and I'm wondering - if any of them win - can they claim them in their own state?

I know they can probably send them back to be claimed in NSW but just wondering if they can avoid that hassle.



  • Maybe it's simpler to buy scratchies of the recipient's home state?

    • I'm packing them into cards and sending. Not sure if I can get them packed this way and posted.

    • Can you buy them remotely, have them sent to you and then you pack and send?

  • Your state/scratchie may vary, but I have definitely had to go back to the state the scratchie was from in order to claim the prize.

    Can you ask the newsagent or whoever you're getting the scratchies from?

  • By the NSW Lotteries website you can.

    All Instant Scratch-Its prizes up to and including $1,000.00 can be claimed at any NSW Lotteries Outlet by presenting your winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

    Agents listing

    Find an agent

    They seems to have NSW agents all over the country.

    • Yep - all over the country… except WA (which makes up about 1/3 of the country by size)

  • You can claim by mail in Qld. Not that that answers your question…

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