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Surprisingly yes. I've had mine for almost 10 years. I was using it for 2-3 years to watch Netflix before it came to Australia. Haven't…
23/11/2023 - 21:27
Great. Just picked up 3 months free via my LG TV. Hopefully it will expire just as this deal does and I can pick up another 3 months. I…
16/11/2023 - 22:36
Short answer can be yes. My 5 year old Corolla came up as $1100. So I can see a SUV easily coming in around that.
02/11/2023 - 11:56
Maybe someone really loves Verbatim as a brand... like REALLY loves it..
28/09/2023 - 16:14
Honestly, looking at the video posted below, there's a lot of similarity between the Dreame and the Ecovac apps.
25/09/2023 - 22:46
Are there servers? I would have thought since the live service was shut down that they just turned it into more single player game.
15/09/2023 - 10:47
I have connected it to my computer but didn't really use it as a replacement for my laptop. It was very clear but I did need to adjust the…
29/08/2023 - 16:25
They have their uses. I bought a pair (Viture) simply because I fly a lot for work and was tired of getting a sore neck looking down at a…
29/08/2023 - 09:18
$25.95 for me and it's pick up only for some reason.
15/08/2023 - 19:18
So I looked at my Prime sub info the other day. In the last 12 months, I've had over 133 packages delivered (don't judge me). That's less…
03/07/2023 - 12:05
I have never seen this advice ever given on any thread in Australia about selling on Gumtree and Marketplace.
03/07/2023 - 11:32
By coincidence I bought it today from Amazon before I saw this. 2 day delivery is worth the extra $5.
18/04/2023 - 21:23
New version is supposedly much better. Claims to be able to do a car tyre from flat in 11 minutes. I seem to have lost mine, and by…
18/04/2023 - 21:22
With the right attachment it would and a little bit of time. It's not fast.
18/04/2023 - 18:41
MOTU has supposedly been cancelled. So expect deeper discounts as stock is cleared.
07/04/2023 - 20:07
Weird rule about how the E-Scooter can't be powerful enough to go more than 25km, making many of them illegal even if they are speed…
05/04/2023 - 10:15
I have a Desky, Really like it.
21/03/2023 - 13:55
Rumour is the MOTU line has been cancelled after April, so expect everything to go on clearance fairly soon.
02/02/2023 - 21:27
Over the years, I've tried to buy 3 things. None of them ever arrived and I managed to get a refund months later.
23/01/2023 - 22:14
I think they meant the jukebox musicals where they just insert well known pop songs. It's been done to death but I'm always up for it if…
22/01/2023 - 00:31
I bought this for $699 for the N8+ with the base station in November. It's worth having the base station so you don't have to constantly…
15/01/2023 - 19:21
I am getting a 390L, what a dream. I'm getting a 290L delivered tomorrow. It's the largest fridge which I can fit into my tiny city…
05/01/2023 - 23:21
I seemed to be able to switch as a current user to annual and use the code. But I don't think it will apply until the next payment though…
20/11/2022 - 10:06
If you've been through that many normal controllers, I wouldn't go anywhere these ones. They'll probably break with you just looking at…
23/10/2022 - 09:27
Hunk of junk. If you're not 100% on the warranty I'd avoid this. I've never broken an X-Box controller EXCEPT this one.. three times.
22/10/2022 - 21:45
Seems to have gone to $239
12/10/2022 - 13:28
I have a very similar one for about 4 years. It's been good and my Singaporean Chinese wife loves it, particularly the congee function.
30/09/2022 - 12:21
I used to work in the sector (not for the last 10 years or so) and they used to work off name and DOB. Which causes a lot of issues for…
30/09/2022 - 09:30
Which is interesting as the old number should no longer verify through the DVS if it has been replaced. That's probably something the Vic…
29/09/2022 - 11:21
Deathlooop is also coming to Playstation Plus as well. Was going to download it for that, but prefer the Xbox controller.
16/09/2022 - 07:28