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HP MicroServer N54L $228, G8 $335, G8+HP Managed Switch 8 Port $398 @ ShoppingExpress


Fans/lovers of HP MicroServers - this is our Christmas special for you :).

To Enjoy below's promotion prices on the G8 Microserver deals, please use coupon code: MICROXMAS2013 before checkout.

Please Refer to our Xmas Delivery Guide before you place your order to find out if you can receive it before Xmas 2013.

Receive a $5 Off your order total if you add on any below products with the G8 MicroServer:

Seagate Barracuda 3.5" Internal Hard Drives

Seagate NAS 3.5" Internal Hard Drives - ALL Seagate NAS Drive purchased during this promotion will enjoy 5 Year Warranty

WD Red 3.5" Internal Hard Drives


Low Profile Graphics Card:

All stocks are limited, with limited quantity per customer.
Shipping starts $8.95 and averages $10 Australia Wide
No Grey Imports, All Genuine & carries Australia's Manufacturer Warranty.
No changes can be made to existing order once it has been made - please choose carefully before confirming the order & thanks for understanding.

For 1st time buyers:
- Add any of the above products to your shopping cart
- Enter Postcode inside your shopping cart and click apply
- Enter voucher code: MICROXMAS2013 and the associated discount will apply (check right side of the shopping cart for the total value
- Proceed to checkout and make payment once you confirmed the total price is correct

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  • hmmm I can get the microserver 10 bux cheaper :S… is that the RAM for this G8, didn't think it needed ECC?

    RAM is also cheaper here… common REP you can do better! :D

    • By itself? show a link? If you can prove it & have stock i will beat it.

      You need ECC ram to run it


      • PM Sent :)

        • I need more that your current provided information.

          As per my general practice for price beat/price match consideration - I need an actual link with price and stock for it. Hope you understand that i'm not referring particular to you, and rather as a whole.


        • +1

          yep got your PM, that's cool and understandable. (no price match without a link)

    • the RAM you linked cost $15 delivery

  • Hi Rep, do you have power cable for SATA to Floppy Disk Drive for this G8? I want to install SSD in this machine

  • SSD deals before christmas pretty please?? :P

    • +1

      SSD included in today's promotion here

      • +2

        Nice pricing on the Samsung 10.1 2014 edition! I believe the Nexus 7 LTE has been $6 cheaper from SE last month.

  • +1

    SE already had the best price on gen 8, now even better. Thumbs up

  • Anyone know if this processor is beefy enough to transcode mkvs etc. if you run Plex Media Server on it (under FreeNAS)?

    • I have it running Ubuntu 12.04 (using http://amahi.net/ add on server install). Runs Plex fine, should be similar on FreeNAS.

    • +1

      I am running FreeNAS (with SAB+Sick+CP+Plex in their own Jails) without a hitch on an N40L (with 8Gb RAM).

      SAB with SSL at full speed seems to max the CPUs out… But transcoding multiple 1080p/5.1 videos is fine!

  • MicroServer Fans - this is our Christmas special for you :).

    I thought MicroServers came with fans already installed!?

    • +1

      does it sounds better now? :P

      • Do it for the fans :)

        • yes, $335 + Shipping now :)

  • Yours…

    Sub Total $399.00
    Shipping Cost To Post Code 3977 $11.45
    Discounts Applied
    MICROXMAS2013 MicroServer Xmas 2013 Special Remove Coupon MICROXMAS2013 -$50.00
    Discount Total -$50.00
    GST Inc. $32.77
    Shopping Cart Total $360.45

    HP 712317-371 ProLiant Gen8 G1610T MicroServer [712317-371]
    Product may vary from image. Rely only on description for purchasing decisions.

    Our Price: $357.50
    (Inc. GST)
    Availability: 1 HP HP 712317-371 ProLiant Gen8 G1610T MicroServer Available
    Pick-up: 844 Gympie Rd, Chermside QLD
    Brand: HP
    Man. Part #: 712317-371
    Our Part #: 712317-371

    Calculate Delivery Cost
    Postcode: 3977
    Delivery Cost: $0.00
    Product Total: $357.50

    Delivery cost for 1 item only.

    • +3

      Nice try - however that is a pickup option from Megabuy with stock = 1?.

      But at the end of the day, it is getting to Xmas - i'll make an exception and do it $335 + Shipping


      • SOLD, **ohh before I check out does the RAM need to be paired or can I just buy the 1 ECC stick and use it with the 2GB already in there? **

        (and are you sure you cant do the 8GB sticks any better?)

        now I just need the 4x4TB hdds at a good price and the netgear r7000

        ohh portable wirless speakers, do you have any? what do you recommend? round the 100 dollar mark?

        • you can use with the 2GB ram, we've tested it.

          Can't go lower on the Ram, however there is already a $5 discount on the order if you purchase the ram with the Microserver :)

          If R7000 is something you had your eyes firmly on, do not forget to keep checking us out :)


        • Portable wireless/bluetooth speakers - current choices in this promotion, buy 2 item free shipping. Samsung Evo 250GB is included in this promo too :).

          As for ~~$100 mark ones, we've not got any yet.


        • Thanks, bit small though, looking for something decent for xmas for the wife…
          already got a mushroom small one which is pretty decent… but want something big.

        • I c, would you consider Health Care, app enabled products for her such as these?
          Promotion is over but i can try and work out something for you.


        • Ohh you just reminded me:
          need to find something like that :D

        • haha cool :)

      • +1

        Here is my vote for you…:)

  • +1

    Good price OP

  • That graphics card - does it fit in the N40 with the heatsink?

    • Yup - it fits for N40L/N54L too.

  • any deal for N54L? :-)

    • +1
      • Special Discount 'MicroServer Xmas 2013 Special ' from Shopping Express (MICROXMAS2013) only applies to specific products. Your order will be processed without this discount.

        The code doesn't work for the HP N54L

      • Tried it and the code didn't work… was comparing to see versus the netplus deal for perth delivery.

      • ……

    • dumb question.
      N54L vs G8, which one better?
      for normal use.

      both can be use for server, am I right?

      • +1

        G8 is faster, however, the N54L has an esata port,the G8 has ilo, the 54 may use less power… (haven't been able to find good stats for the g8)

        • are both still can access externally?
          like from mobilephone or outside the building/house?

          like login to the cloud website and then access my files.

        • that's software not machine dependant, these don't come with an os or HDD…

        • may i know what software do you think that can do this?

          what OS are you planning to use with this G8?
          do you think 2gb is enough?

          thanks for all your help.

        • +1

          hmm if your not sure of these, then this is probably not right for you…

          looking at installing esxi running a freenas VM then use ZFS on the drives (present back to ESXi.) (with some help from friends at work :D)
          will probably have a windows VM for IIS and a Linux install for PLEX or similar (XBMC?)
          and will probably use it as a LAB environment home training. :)

          you might just want a NAS, many of those have simple features like that built in if you don't need to data process… some even have DLNA servers…

          shoppiongexpress has heaps of decent NAS, I'm sure Tien will help you out :)

        • I was assuming these would not be powerful enough to run VMs. time for more research now.

        • more reliant on RAM really… if the CPU's not doing anything its going to be idle no matter how many VM's!

          10GB RAM should be enough for 4-5 VMs (2GB each) some shouldn't even need that much.

      • +1

        Also an additional difference is that the N54L has 1 full size pcie slot and 1 mini pcie slot.

        The G8 only has 1 full size pcie slot. So if you add a gfx card you cant add anything else unless its usb.

      • +1

        I own an N40L (N54L predecessor). They are great little machines and can be used for a lot of things as a home server.
        One thing that I would prefer about the G8 is that it uses a FCLGA1155 socketed (i.e. replaceable) Intel CPU, rather than a soldered-in-place AMD CPU. See http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showpost.php?p=15533155&po....
        That would make it more useful to me when playing with some newer OS, like the Illumos variants which rely on Intel-specific hardware features.
        I wanted to try SmartOS for virtualisation, so I had to go to an IBM (shudder!) X3100 to do that. The G8 would have been much more user-friendly if it had been available at the time.

  • +1

    Hey guys,

    Is the 8 Port Switch good? Is it worth the extra $63?

    I've been using an old adsl modem as a switch in my house but it only gives an extra 3 ports and the lights are annoying me. Was just thinking recently I should probably get a proper switch.

    • +1

      That 8 port switch looks like the older 8-port pro-curves with a new chassis. They are awesome for the price.
      For an additional $63 I think it's a steal.
      The have a life-time warranty too - I've tested this out years after the purchase (for something which many would call trivial - "Due to a particular known firmware bug, I couldn't apply a newer firmware which had SNMP features I wanted to use at home" - the old one still switched fine) - no receipt needed.
      HP sent out a new switch which arrived next day, It was a slightly newer model which didn't fit my power-supply, so HP sent out another new one which arrived the next day.

      These switches shit all over those consumer Dlink/Netgear/etc switches.

      • for a home environment do I really need a layer 3 switch? what's it going to give me over a consumer Dlink/Netgear?

        • +2

          You might not need any of the extra stuff this switch has over other switches.
          Buy it for it rock solid reliability, performance, and awesome warranty.

        • +1

          too late :( besides my 16port 10/100 should be enough for the extra equipment on the network when all they do is stream media and use the internet…

          the back of the gigabit router can be used for 3 other devices in the house..(1 consumed for the uplink) and I don't really have much that can use gigabit anyways…1 for the main PC, 1 for the micro server, leaves 1 more for anything that needs it…
          I need 12 ports anyways… 8 from this switch +3 for the router leaves 1 port unconnected which is OK I guess considering I have 2 ports in each room with only a few ports being used.

          sorry, just talking aloud..(cool story bro). don't think I need it… though the warranty is awesome, probably worth it for that alone,

      • Thanks Radar. I bought the bundle. I know squat all about hardware and have no idea what a 3-layer switch is, but you've completely sold me on it.

        • Just to be clear, this is a layer 2 (not layer-3) switch.
          This won't matter unless you are specifically looking for a layer 3 switch (ie router).

        • Oh that's more than fine then. Wouldn't want to be replacing the lovely little d-link dsl2890 any time soon =)

  • OP, ordered the Microserver, could you please add 4gb ram to order (assuming it's compatible with the 2gb already installed (is it 1 x 2gb or 2 x 1gb)? How would I add this to the order?

    • 2x1GB according to the specs on the server.

      • +1

        eh..i thought

        Memory, standard
        2GB (1x2GB) UDIMM

    • please contact us at 02-83388899 to request a cancel on your order so you can place a new order with the ram.
      Once the support has confirmed with you that the order can be cancelled, you may proceed to make another order.


  • Has the price already gone up again on the N54L? The website says it's $259 not $228. I also tried entering the "MICROXMAS2013" code and I get this error message:

    "Special Discount 'MicroServer Xmas 2013 Special ' from Shopping Express (MICROXMAS2013) only applies to specific products. Your order will be processed without this discount."

    • check again?

      • +1
        • Never Mind. - It just changed. It's showing $228 now. That was weird :S
  • Hi, I'm getting:

    Special Discount 'MicroServer Xmas 2013 Special ' from Shopping Express (MICROXMAS2013) only applies to specific products. Your order will be processed without this discount.

    I've got these 3 in my shopping cart:




    • For N54L, do not need the MICROXMAS2013
      just proceed to checkout with those items and the $5 discount will auto apply.


  • Price on the 120Gb EVO's shows as 104 rather than 99. Free shipping offer seems to be working though on that item.

    Nevermind looks like it is fixed now.

    • thanks for mentioning - price has been fixed

  • Hi Rep,
    Not sure if this sounds dumb question but , just want to know can I used SSD on HP MicroServer N54L or I have to used SATA only.

    • Hi mekalol,

      SSD can be used on N54L.

      If you need more guide/information regarding microserver -
      There are a lot of experts on whirlpool forum & ozbargain and I recommend you do a search for more information from whirlpool forum to get a good guide/understanding on what can be/best to use with N54L in terms of hardware/software and setting it up (including setting SSD up for Microserver).


    • +1

      SSD is SATA

  • your deal for N54L
    $228 + $11.45 = $239.45

    a few post before you does:
    $229 + $8 = $237

    previously you sold N54L for $219……price raised :-(

  • Tempted as I've been looking at second hand mac minis to use as a server for NAS/Plex/Possible minecraft server/other future stuff. Even the old Mac minis from years ago running duo cores and duo core 2 cost $250+ second hand. Not quite sure how comparable the performance of N54L is to a mac mini.

    But sadly I am going overseas in a few days and won't be able to buy it right now. Hopefully there is another sale on these after christmas.

    What is the foot print/size of one of these? and how much noise do these generate, I mean if I keep in my bedroom will it keep me up at night? Currently I'm running as raspberry pi as a NAS, but I feel like an upgrade.

  • +1

    spewing I think I'm spewing I didn't get the switch! :(

    • Lol! I bought it and it looks great with the G8 stacked on top. I remember looking at it before buying and being perplexed by why a switch needs to be so big in size. But the way it looks in real life with the G8 I don't mind at all. In fact I quite like it.

      I didn't buy any RAM :(. Am looking to install windows home server '11 and running SAB+Sickbeard+utorrent+Plex so now looking at buying WH11+RAM+graphics card. And I just Ebay-ed myself a molex y-split + molex-to-SATA cords. Lucky I already have an old SATAII SSD lying around.

      … I should wait til after xmas before I buy the rest cause my wallet is screaming bloody murder at me.

      Edit: Now I'm thinking might give freeNas a go actually- try and save a bit of cash by not buying WH11 now. Just sceptical over if I can get everything up and running smoothly …