Buy Coles Myer Card using a Myer card ?

can i buy a coles myer card at myers using a myers gift card ?


  • Same question. I also have unused myer gift cards and it would be handy if I can get Coles gift cards instead.

  • Can I buy a Wish Gift Card (every Woolies brand) using a Woolworths supermarket only gift card?

  • I used an Officeworks gift card I received for my birthday to buy a Coles Myer gift card and it worked. The sales assistant at Coles wouldn't let me buy a prepaid credit card with the Coles Myer gift card though (I wanted to use it to buy a David Jones gift card from Woolworths hahaha).

  • It's not allowed as per t&cs but the system won't stop it, it depends on the individual staff member. I'm about to try my luck too, as I got a $200 myer gift voucher for xmas and I'd much prefer to use it at target or coles…

  • I've purchased Coles group gift cards using Target gift cards. As mentioned above it depends on the staff member you get. I've only had one staff member question the procedure and she let me do it anyway.

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